Ever felt the urge to get away from it all and sit by a warm custom-made fireplace but don’t know how? Have you been looking for the perfect design idea to turn your fireplace into a feature of your home?

Look no further! We have just the thing for you; inspiring design ideas for custom made fireplaces. With unique ideas to fit any home, you can create a stunning centerpiece for your home in no time.


Use Crystals Instead of Firewood

This unique and beautiful design idea will bring a unique element to the fireplace with the added color and texture of the crystals. A warm, glimmering fire can be achieved by arranging a variety of vibrant crystals, such as rubies, sapphires, or quartz, in a pattern suitable for the desired fire aesthetic.

LED lights could also be installed for a cool and unique element to highlight the crystals even more. This would make not only a beautiful centerpiece to any room but also a statement about the room owner’s style and design choices.

Angular Fireplace

The modern look allows you to make a statement in your living space with a functional and visually appealing design. An angular fireplace is typically characterized by its bold geometric shape and can be an excellent way to create a focal point in the room.

With the use of bricks, stone, or other materials, it is easy to customize the look to fit any space. You can often find angular fireplaces with suspended materials for an elevated look. The angles can be incorporated within the mantel area, or the mantel can take a unique form, such as a curved arc.

Mirrored Fireplace

A mirrored fireplace offers any room a sleek, modern look, with a reflective surface that draws the eye. They can come in any size to fit any space. The surround can be decorated to complement the interior of the home.

A mirrored fireplace also brings a lot of depth and texture to a room, as the light from the flames reflects and refracts off the mirror, creating a unique and genuinely mesmerizing effect.

Plus, since it is custom-made, it perfectly fits the unique look of each home. This mirror style is perfect for those looking for a reliable and aesthetic commercial gas fireplace.

Go Nordic Style

The main characteristic of this look is a minimalist approach that utilizes neutral colors such as gray, white, and black, along with natural woods and metals. This blend creates a calming, organic atmosphere that still oozes luxury.

The furniture is often sleek and contemporary to minimize clutter and draw attention to the fireplace itself, which usually features clean lines and sharp edges.

Delicate Details

When it comes to delicate details, there are many inspiring design ideas to make the fireplaces truly stand out. The warm glow from the firelight can be enhanced further with intricate details in the trim. It can be engravings of a special saying or a distinctive font.

Additionally, adding accents such as mosaics or subtle patterns to the mantelpiece provides the perfect finishing touch. For a little extra sparkle, try adding a few LED accent lights or a piece of artwork to create an extra special effect.

High Contrast Colors

High contrast colors can be used to create an inspiring custom fireplace design. Dark, saturated hues can provide a dramatic focal point in a room, while light, subtle colors can evoke a sense of elegance and refinement.

For instance, combining a glossy black frame with white, travertine marble tiles can create a striking, contemporary look. Alternatively, using shades of taupe and brown can add subtle warmth to a room.

Accents of different shades of gray may be used to add depth and interest. Lastly, adding bright color accents can create a bold statement. For instance, combining bright red with coal-black tile can create an energetic atmosphere.

With the right combination of colors, custom-made fireplaces can create a stunning and inspiring design.

Maximalist Marble

Maximalist marble fireplaces represent a unique design form. They provide numerous inspiring custom fireplace ideas that can transform any home. This material is known for its luxury and grandeur. They add sophistication and artistry to any space it is placed in.

Interior designers can create a bold focal point by combining a luxurious marble slab surround with a sophisticated metal mantle. This statement can be further enhanced by incorporating a unique tile design to provide an extra touch of personality.

Amplify the feeling of extravagance by incorporating a textured marble statement wall with dramatic lighting or a classic marble firebox.

Bookshelf Fireplace

This design can help to bring a cozy feeling to any room. The bookshelf fireplace combines the warmth and atmosphere of an open fire with the convenience of a bookshelf to store your favorite books.

The bookshelf fireplace can be constructed in a variety of ways. This depends on the size and dimensions of the room. The design also allows for storing other items, such as candles, board games, and decorative knick-knacks.

Installing this custom-built fireplace is a great way to add extra warmth to a room and provides plenty of space to display books and other decorative items.

Display a Large Plant

Designing custom fireplaces around a large plant can be very inspiring. Consider planting a large potted plant directly in the hearth of the fireplace. This will make the plant the standout feature of the fireplace and add warmth and character to the room.

You could also plant the plant on a rotating cast iron planter shelf that fits right around the fireplace. This will give the space dimension and create a striking display.

You could also consider installing a large wall shelf above the fireplace and using it to display and hold the plant. This could elevate the fireplace’s look and give the space an eye-catching, unique look.

Mount Antlers

Custom-made fireplaces with antlers are perfect for a country or rustic-themed home, featuring high-quality craftsmanship and impeccable detail that will surely attract the eye. These fireplaces can also be customized in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors, depending on the specific design you have in mind – making it easy to bring the outdoors into your living space.

Get Inspired by These Custom Made Fireplaces

Now that you have some inspiring design ideas for custom made fireplaces, you’re ready to create your own! Use these ideas to help you create your own unique design for your perfect fireplace. Get creative and make it – your possibilities are endless!

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