Recruiting top talent can be costly and time-consuming. That is especially true for small business owners.

Many insurance agencies use staffing agencies to handle their recruiting for them. These companies will post job ads online and in print, then filter resumes for compatibility with your needs.

Applicants want to know what they’ll gain from your agency, such as a large clientele and the potential for advancement and high earnings. Be sure to include this in your recruitment message.

Do Your Homework

Finding top insurance candidates requires a lot of work. Staffing agencies can do some of this work for you by searching candidate databases and interviewing potential employees on your behalf. Additionally, they may have the professional connections you need, giving you a broader selection of applicants.

Insurance agencies can also find great talent in less obvious places. They can look for trainable candidates with experience in industries that require similar skills, like retail or financial services, and then guide them toward licensing. These candidates are only sometimes the best salespeople, but they can be valuable to your agency.

To attract a strong pool of candidates, independent agencies should create a clear job description and post it on their website or social media sites. They should also highlight the benefits of working for their agency, including career advancement and high earnings. Having the appropriate insurance policies for your insurance staffing agency can provide a shield against unforeseen legal actions. For example, your general liability policy can cover third-party bodily injury and property damage. This type of coverage is often required by law in many states.

Be Flexible

Looking for the best candidates to fill your open positions can be time-consuming. However, partnering with a staffing agency can provide you with the expertise and resources to find the top talent you need, making the process more efficient and effective. A recruiting firm can handle the hiring process, saving you valuable energy and allowing you to focus on other essential tasks.

Recruiting new agents can be challenging, especially when you’re you’re competing with other agencies for the same candidates. Offering competitive compensation packages and perks can help attract more candidates. Perks like access to a wellness program, free catered lunches, casual dress code, and onsite snacks can be an attractive bonus for potential employees.

Staffing agencies also offer flexible work options and the ability to hire on a contract basis, which can benefit insurance companies with fluctuating staffing needs. Choosing the right coverage for your agency requires some careful consideration and deliberation. At a minimum, staffing agencies should carry commercial general liability and workers’ compensation to cover third-party claims. Click here to get a fast, free staffing agency insurance quote. Allied healthcare endorsement included automatically – covers exposure if temps have contact or interaction with patients.

Be Honest

Insurance is all about making sales, so staffing agencies are particularly attracted to those who have a strong record of success in the sales arena. The best salespeople have high energy and always appear eager to help their clients.

Staffing agencies also seek candidates who are honest and reliable. They must disclose all the details of their work history and be willing to discuss any criminal or financial issues. Staffing agencies do this because they protect their clients’ property and reputation.

Staffing agencies must carry fidelity bonds and insurance policies that guarantee their principles against any dishonest actions by their employees. Suppose a candidate hired by your agency is accused of theft. In that case, a fidelity bond may cover your business costs to defend itself against the lawsuit and any court-ordered settlement. It includes worker’s compensation, general liability, and professional liability coverage.

Ask for Referrals

Recruiting through word-of-mouth and referrals can be one of the most efficient ways for insurance agencies to find new candidates. It is especially true if your agency specializes in a niche market, such as mobile home insurance. A happy client can complement your recruiting message and help you reach potential new hires who might have specific needs in the market you serve.

When you ask your clients for referrals, be careful not to come across as pushy or annoying. You want to time your requests well so they are more likely to be receptive and enthusiastic. For example, if your customer tells you they know someone looking for an agent or wants to change their policy, it’s a good time to ask them for a referral.

Additionally, give your clients plenty of feedback on how their referrals perform. It will demonstrate that you value their recommendations and care about their satisfaction. It also encourages them to refer friends and colleagues to your agency.

Be Proactive

Proactive is one of those words that can sound like a buzzword, but it has its roots in an old-fashioned definition. 

For example, suppose a particular customer service issue generates the most support requests. In that case, creating a training program to minimize that friction point and prevent escalating call volumes is a good idea. You can also be proactive by addressing high-priority issues as they occur, such as resolving new client sign-up roadblocks to reduce the number of new customers who reach out for help.

Taking proactive measures can help your agency attract top talent. In addition to being proactive in your search for producers, you can use various recruitment methods such as posting online, networking, and performing face-to-face interviews. And do remember to purchase worker’s worker’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance.