Let’s be honest, who couldn’t do with more money? But, while side hustles like selling crafts or becoming an influencer are great for making money online in the long term, sometimes you just need an extra $50 or $100 right now. 

Luckily, there are ways to get your hands a quick buck without risking it all in an online casino or hocking your grandmother’s best china. 

Want to know how to make fast cash online? We got you! Keep reading to learn how!


1. Playing Slots

The growing popularity of online casinos has seen a huge rise in slot game options for quick, easy, and fun ways to get yourself a fast cash injection. If you’re not sure where to play your favorites, check out this Ted Slot review guide for a list of recommended websites. 

2. Rent or Sell Your Stuff

From renting out storage space in your home with Stache to selling your old books on BookScouter, making money online from things you already have has never been easier.

As for where to head, while classic sites like Craigslist and eBay are still popular, new specialist sites and apps often help you reach a more specific audience. 

3. Test and Review Websites

If you already spend a lot of time on the internet, you might as well earn some online money while you’re at it. Companies want to know how people like you rate the online user experience they provide. You can earn around $10 of fast cash for trying out an app or visiting a website and offering your input. 

4. Participate in Studies

One of the most immediate ways to earn some fast cash is to participate in online experiments, studies, and surveys for money. Sites such as Prolific and MTurk help connect researchers with potential participants and pay out a dollar or two per study for only a few minutes of your time. 

5. Run Someone Else’s Errands

From working parents to high-flying executives, some people are simply too busy to assemble their own flat-packed furniture, pick up their dry cleaning, or wait in line at the post office.

If you’re short on cash but have the time to spare, becoming a ‘tasker’ for TaskRabbit is a great way to use this to your advantage by turning your time into fast cash. The site connects people willing to pay others to run errands and do odd jobs they don’t have time to complete. Sign up now and you’ll soon start getting notifications of opportunities in your area. 

How to Make Fast Cash Online

For those times when you’re in a bind and need a few extra bucks, knowing how to make fast cash can be a lifesaver. 

What’s more, there are far more online business opportunities out there than many people realize, making it easier to get your pick of the bunch whenever you’re in need of some quick online money. 

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