If you love entertaining family and friends, you will want to ensure you have an awesome, suitable, entertaining space in your home. This may be a space that is inside your home or even in your backyard. Creating a new entertaining area, or even making over a new one, can allow you to have a highly functional pace and perfect for your use. So, where do you start with this process, and what do you start with first?


Inside Entertaining Areas/Rooms

Inside entertaining areas are important for when the weather is not so great, so make sure you have somewhere you can use inside your home. This may be an open-plan living area that is not fully utilized or an old office or workspace. An internal entertaining area will need comfortable seating and even some entertainment system in place. You may also want to add a bar area to allow you to whip up those fancy cocktails you have been working on!

An Outdoor Entertaining Space

Once an internal entertaining space is established, it is time to focus your efforts outside. These outdoor patio entertainment ideas will allow you to create an awesome space, even if your patio is not the largest. Focusing on one or two key areas of outdoor spaces at any given time will allow you to create an entertaining space that suits you and how you entertain.

Always focus on how you use a space before adding or changing anything. Because when you do this, you create a space or area that is well-suited to you and your guests. So, if you find eating is a big deal when you entertain, make sure you have a suitable outdoor kitchen area to cook in and enough seating.

Think About the Lighting and Ambiance

Internal and external entertaining spaces must be well-lit, as this helps create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Looking at ambient lighting, and adding softer types of lighting will create a more relaxed atmosphere and mood. If the lighting is too bright or too harsh, you may not want to spend lots of time in those spaces you have just created.

To get inspiration for lighting and ambiance, think about those places you love to visit. What ambiance do they create? In internal spaces, are wall lights used? Or, do you find that fairy lights and twinkle lights are featured in exterior entertaining spaces?

Color Schemes and Decor

You will want to focus on the decor and color schemes for your entertaining areas and spaces. You will either want them to be an extension of your home, or you will want them to be separate and unique. Putting together decor ideas, and thinking about the colors you want to incorporate will allow you to find which colors work for you, and which ones don’t. If you leave color schemes, and decor ideas until the last minute, you may end up with entertaining spaces that feel like they have been thrown together.