A background check company is an asset to every human resource department under big and small companies across the world. By starting a background check company, you will be embarking on a unique business venture and designing a dignified team that helps other businesses hire responsible professionals and maintain an excellent quality of work.

The top background screening companies follow certain beneficial strategies to enhance their performance. These strategies range across organizational, industrial, financial, and social areas.


12 Steps To Start Your Background Check Business

What even is a background check company? In simple terms, responsibilities as a background check company will involve checking up on individuals to determine their true identity.

That said, these are a few of the steps that you need to follow to start your background check company:

1. Do Market Research & Study

Market research is definitely the first step that you should take. This acts as a contextual background against which the majority of your decisions will take form.

Market research is not the same as the theoretical knowledge of any industry because market study includes an analysis of the real-time trends of the field. Proper market research will give you a preliminary idea of what you can expect from your clients and what they will be expecting from you.

2. Decide What You Concentrate On

When it comes to the background screening industry, the list of services offered is so vast that specializing in any one area becomes necessary. Clients approaching this industry also expect one company only to involve itself in one or two niches.

Further, a clear idea of your niche will give you a newfound clarity regarding the kind of steps you can take to achieve visibility and success in that field. Needless to say, you will also have to acquire an in-depth bank of practical knowledge in the niche you work in.

3. List out Your Competitors

Each niche within the background screening industry has its own set of top background screening companies that act as both a competition and a role model to emerging firms.

Apart from these companies, there are other smaller firms that will be direct competitors to your potential business. This competition may be locality based, or it might be based on the services offered. When you analyze the strength and weaknesses of your direct competitors, you develop what is known as ‘competitive intelligence.’

4. Face The Challengers & Be Aware Of Threats

It is safe to say that no successful business has ever reached its state of prosperity without having crossed through some grave obstacles. And challenges are far more in number in the background screening field.

One obvious challenge would be legal notices which you will be dealing with on a daily basis. Defamation suits are commonly raised against background screening companies when they procure incorrect reports. So, preparing for these situations is very important.

5. Get An Attractive Business Name

This seems like a no-brainer. An attractive business name quite simply means better business prospects. However, the actual coining of the perfect name is usually next to impossible.

This is where all the prior knowledge and market research comes in – one has to understand what kind of word combinations or wordplays are being positively received in the market. Sometimes getting an attractive brand name might not be enough, in which case you will have to go one step ahead and get a logo as well.

6. Discuss The Best Insurance Policies

Just imagine – how many controversial yet exciting cases dothe best background screening companies handle on a monthly basis? Such cases put the company in a financial and legal knot every now and then.

Given the high number of legal suits that background screening companies have to deal with so often, a genuine Insurance company having your back is crucial.

7. Describe Your Business Idea

When you are describing your business idea in a formal way, include your long-term and short-term goals, as it is a smart move to make your business idea look more concrete.

Include exactly how you are planning to help your clients and what milestones you are going to reach in order to be able to do it. Make it as detailed as possible.

8. Prepare A Cost Analysis

Your cost analysis will help you determine your overall financial planning. The main aim of cost analysis is not to increase or decrease the cost of service but to make the service a more valuable commodity at a certain price point.

This cost analysis will give you an average idea of how much you are supposed to spend on external commodities for the company, like furnishing, employee retention, etc.

9. Select Your Business Location

Before you start a business, it is important to select a space in which you will be operating. This can mean an offline or online location, even though today’s date background screening industries are most popular online.

Depending on your area of expertise, you will be going for traditional marketing or digital marketing to boost visibility. This will help you provide localized services to clients.

10. Hire Employees Who Suit Your Business

The best background screening companies have highly qualified professionals working under them. After all, what more is a company than the sum of the efforts of all its members?

No employee is essentially good or bad; however, some employees are just the correct fit for your company. At the same time, hiring employees who are experienced and skilled can boost your company’s performance as a whole.

11. Work Out Your Price Planning

On the financial front, most businesses fail because they don’t have a solid budget. If they do have a solid budget, then they don’t have a proper division of money outflow to determine where it is going.

Sometimes, the business operates by charging too little to the customers. Background screening companies need a high cost of initial setup because so many advanced tools are used in this job. And to keep you afloat, proper financial planning is necessary!

12. Follow The Marketing Strategies

Implementing marketing strategies flawlessly is just as important as planning them, if not more. Themost popular background screening companies have reached their successful position through a meticulous execution of all their plans.

This execution happens when different teams collaborate seamlessly towards a common and flexible goal. This is especially true for marketing because the field is ever-changing, and targeting the right audience can become very tough in today’s dynamic situation.


The best companies on the market did not crack a cryptic code or win the lottery of luck to reach where they are today. Their success can be simply attributed to the hard work, dedication, and sincerity that are characteristic of their excellent performance. Follow the steps we have mentioned, and you will be on your way to creating a successful background screening company.