If you’re trying to sell your haunted house, you probably already realize the upward battle that the sale can become. Superstitious fears play a very real role in the buyer’s decision and mishandling the situation can cost you a lot of money on your home sale.

Let’s talk about the two main ways that you can get your stigmatized real estate for sale on the market!

The Traditional Method

The traditional method is exactly what it sounds like – marketing your property in the same way you would any other house. While this is the more tedious route, many choose to go this way for a variety of reasons. Let’s unpack the preliminary steps to getting your haunted house for sale.

What is a Stigmatized Property?

The first step to this process is making sure that you’re selling a stigmatized property. Whether you know from first-hand experience, conversations with neighbors, or from reading old reports, it’s vital that you distinguish your property as haunted before anything else.

To be safe, learn the stigmatized property story so that you’re informed when chatting with potential buyers.

Learn the Local Laws

There are specific stigmatized property laws by state, and it’s important that you learn the exact nature of the laws of your own state. Some require that you disclose any incident that might make the house haunted, while some don’t.

Texas, for example, does not require that you disclose any information relating to such incidents. It’s simply a matter of personal ethics at that point.

Call in a Medium

Another popular (and recommended) step when you own a haunted house is to call in some form of a medium to clean the place out. This can involve burning sage and/or other rituals to cleanse your property of whatever is haunting it.

Even if you don’t necessarily buy into the superstitious nature of haunted houses, you should still take this step. Just because you don’t believe in it doesn’t mean your buyer wouldn’t appreciate the extra care!

Prepare for Disappointment

If you’re going the traditional route when you sell your haunted house, it’s important to set realistic expectations. Despite the effort you put into the process, it’s normal for haunted houses to go for 75-80% of their normal prices.

Sell Your Haunted House Today!

A different exciting option that’s been picking up steam is companies that buy houses for cash instantly. Regardless of the condition that the home is in, location, or any other factor, they’ll buy it in cash and take care of all the details.

You can sell your property as is all over the United States, and it’s the fastest way to get the cash in your pocket.

While you should always do plenty of research before selling your home, companies like this are revolutionizing the way homes are being sold today.

Get Started Today

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