If you are looking to increase revenue and get the most out of your organization’s fundraiser, a raffle is a great choice. Raffles often bring in lots of income, as attendees have the opportunity to win large prizes in the hopes of getting a few smaller ones.

Rather than simply using raffle tickets that attendees purchase from you on the day, you can use modern marketing strategies to grow your raffle reach. 

Here’s a guide to selling your raffle online. Keep reading!


Benefits of Selling Raffle Tickets Online

Most notably, it allows you to reach a much larger audience than if you were just selling tickets in person. Online selling is instant and easy to do, allowing for potentially more buyers.

You can also use various digital payment systems to collect money from buyers, creating a streamlined and secure process. Additionally, running your raffle online lets you easily track ticket sales, allowing for buyers to purchase tickets from anywhere.

Online marketing and social media campaigns can be effective for raising awareness about your raffle. Ultimately, selling raffle tickets online saves you time, money, and resources while also extending your reach and helping to generate even more revenue.

Choose a Platform

When choosing a platform to sell raffle tickets online, it is important to look for a platform that has all the features you will need. Such features include:

  • Secure ticket purchase process
  • Ability to quickly and easily set up a raffle page,
  • Collect information from buyers
  • Automatically generate and issue tickets to buyers
  • Analytics that can show the results of the raffle
  • Platform with shareable links

With careful research and the right selection, an online platform should provide a straightforward and successful experience for selling raffle tickets.

Setting Up Your Storefront

To set up an online raffle, choose a platform that is easy to use and has a great customer service team. This will help ensure you have successful online raffles:

Set Up Your Raffle

You may want to create and edit your raffle ticket item. When setting up, you will want to add the number of tickets being sold, the cost of each ticket, and the drawing and payout information.

Start Selling Online

Set up a website or social media page with information about the raffle and a link to be able to purchase tickets. Choose a user-friendly raffle web design to ensure your audience isn’t overwhelmed.

You can also use email marketing, sponsored ads, and numerous other methods to ensure you gain the best reach possible.

Spread the Word

It’s important to keep the sales flowing. Reach out to family, friends, and colleagues to let them know about this fantastic opportunity, and you will soon have great success with both ticket sales and your fundraising goals.

Invest in Marketing

Selling raffle tickets online can be an excellent way to generate money for your cause. However, it can be difficult to get the word out if you don’t have a large budget for traditional marketing strategies.

Investing in digital marketing can be extremely beneficial when selling raffle tickets online. Utilize social media and email marketing to reach potential buyers and boost ticket sales. PPC advertisements can be used on search engines and popular websites.

Generate ticket sales with creative content pieces and videos. Engage with your community by offering exclusive discounts to your followers. Building a loyal following will help your ticket sales and make your event more popular.

Monitor Your Sales

If you are looking to sell raffle tickets online, it is important to monitor your sales. Begin by setting up a raffle page with a digital payment processor; this allows you to track ticket sales and usage.

To help monitor your sales, consider using a dedicated ticket-tracking software package. With this software, you can track both ticket sales and the corresponding details of each ticket buyer. This will help you keep track of who purchased the tickets and who still needs to purchase tickets.

Additionally, it allows you to verify if any of the tickets have already been redeemed, which helps to ensure that your raffle stays fair. Lastly, you should also check your sales regularly and contact any buyers who have not completed their purchases.

Choose a Winner 

After the tickets have been purchased, you’ll need a reliable way to randomly choose a winner. Many websites allow you to use a free or paid random-number generator with programmed criteria to select the winning ticket numbers.

Once you’ve picked your winner, you can easily communicate with them online to provide details on prize pick-up or shipment. Additionally, notifications can also be sent out automatically to people who didn’t win as a token of appreciation for their support.

Selling tickets online doesn’t have to be difficult; with the right tools, you can use to make it a seamless process.

Maximizing Your Sales Results

In order to maximize results while selling raffle tickets online, it’s important to ensure that you’re using all available avenues available to you.

Leveraging social media platforms is a great way to get your raffle in front of a larger audience, as well as using paid advertising platforms to target potential customers.

Additionally, it’s important to ensure your website is mobile-friendly so potential customers can purchase tickets without any technical issues. Pricing raffle tickets strategically can also help to increase sales. Give customers incentives to purchase tickets, such as early bird discounts or promotional codes.

Lastly, create effective communication channels such as email campaigns and SMS campaigns to let your customers know about the raffle, and consistently update them as the draw approaches. Utilizing these strategies should help give you the best possible results for your online raffle ticket sales.

Sell Your Raffle Tickets Today

Selling raffle tickets online is easy and efficient. You can maximize your sales by leveraging the latest technologies. Take advantage of that and make the process simple, secure, and attractive for your customers. 

For successful online raffle ticket sales, it’s all about getting creative and utilizing the right strategies. Deploy multiple strategies, like social media and email outreach, to drive better ticket sales. Implement these tips and start seeing results today! Ready to get started?

Sign up with a trusted online raffle ticket provider and sell your tickets online today!

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