In theory, moving is an amazing experience. You get a fresh start in a brand new place filled with new adventures. And while moving retains these positive aspects in practice, it isn’t quite so simple.

Any move, but especially one across state lines, takes a great deal of preparation beforehand. It’s often stressful, and if you don’t know how to prepare to move out of state, the potential for stress is even greater.

That said, moving doesn’t have to be a bad experience, even if your new home is thousands of miles away. With the right amount of planning, you can remove the stress and simply focus on starting this exciting next chapter of your life.

To learn everything you need to know about how to prepare to move to another state, all you have to do is keep reading!

Create a Moving Plan and Budget

It’s important to accept that there are always going to be unexpected hiccups along the way and allow them to roll off your back when they arise. Nevertheless, it’s absolutely essential to have a thorough plan. There’s no such thing as being too detailed!

Determine how much you want to pay for your move, as well as how much you’re able to pay, and go from there. The budget needs to come first because, while a local move can be accomplished without spending much at all, the average cost of an out-of-state move is in the thousands.

Will you be moving on your own or hiring professional movers? How will you transport your car and other belongings? How much does it cost to rent a moving truck in your area? Are there any friends or family who would be willing to help you move?

Make all the big decisions before you begin worrying about the smaller, less important details.

Sort Your Belongings Before Packing

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when moving out of state is to pack everything you own without first sorting your belongings. By “sorting”, we mean going through each room in your home and putting everything into one of four categories: pack, donate, sell, and toss.

Remember, the more you take with you, the more expensive and time-consuming your move will be. If there’s anything that someone else could get more use or enjoyment out of than you do, consider selling or giving it away.

Depending on how much you own, this step could take some time, but it’s truly worth the effort. Your fresh start will feel even better if you leave the clutter behind!

Find Housing and Employment

Unless you’re moving because of a new job offer, finding housing and employment is likely going to be the most stressful part of moving to a new state. This is one of the reasons why it’s so crucial to get an early start on your moving preparations. The more time you give yourself to house and job hunt, the better.

Thanks to the internet, finding a job and a house is easier than ever, even if you’ve never stepped foot in the city that will soon be your new home. You can find everything from apartments for rent to job listings with the touch of a button!

If you’re moving with children, you should also get their schooling situated before the move. Do this before choosing your housing, if possible. That way, you can choose the best school for you and your family rather than allowing your location to force your hand.

Choose Your Travel Option

When you’re moving down the street or across town, travel is obvious. Moving to a new state, however, takes a bit more forethought.

If you’re moving on a tight budget, don’t assume that taking a cross-country road trip is the cheapest option. Because of food, hotel, and fuel expenses, it’s often less expensive to ship your car and book a train ride or a flight instead.

Those shipping their car will need to do a little extra planning. Your car could arrive days, or even weeks, after you do, so you’ll need to make transportation plans in case this happens. If this route will necessitate renting a car, be sure to include that in your budget before making your final decision.

Update All Account Information

Make a list of every service and company with which you have an account and make the necessary updates. Some services, such as your internet company, might allow you to transfer service to your new home.

With others, you’ll need to set up an account with a different company in your new area. Check which utility companies (water, electric, internet, etc.) are available in your new town to decide.

Don’t forget to reach out to your bank and update your mailing address as well. Thankfully, most address updates can be done online or through an app. It shouldn’t take you longer than an hour or so to go through all your accounts!

Learn How to Prepare to Move Out of State to Reduce Moving Stress

Experiencing some stress and anxiety is an unavoidable part of moving, especially for those moving long distances. However, by taking the time to learn how to prepare to move out of state, you can decrease that stress dramatically.

The key to a smooth move is time and preparation. Start your moving checklist as early as possible and give yourself plenty of time to work through it. You might be surprised by how easy moving can be!

If you’re looking¬†for more tips and tricks for making your move smooth and stress-free, be sure to check out our blog!

Learn the Language in Advance

Moving out of state can be stressful, but with proper planning, it doesn’t have to be. Creating a budget, sorting your belongings, finding housing and employment, choosing your travel option, and updating account information are all important steps. Learning a new language can also be helpful, as it can open up new job opportunities, help you make friends, and make the transition to your new state smoother. Consider taking online language lessons before your move to prepare yourself for this exciting new chapter in your life.