Surviving a bathroom remodel can be a challenge, especially if you live in a busy and household with multiple people. The secret to making your modern bathroom remodel run as smoothly as possible all depends on your preparation. 

If you want to curtail the chaos, we’ve got the guide for you. Keep reading to learn how to prepare for your bathroom makeover.

Confirm and Take Note of Time Leads

With all of the different people involved, a modern bathroom remodel schedule is like a house of cards. For example, you have your specialty contractors like plumbers, tile installers, cabinet makers, and electricians. All of these specialty contractors will be blocking out specific times to work on their part of the remodel. If one shows up late, the whole schedule (and project) can get thrown off.

With whichever bathroom remodeling company you choose, be sure to discuss the construction schedule and lead times for fixtures (faucets, cabinetry, tile, etc). You can speed up the process by getting the materials you need from one place — Wetroom Design materials only from WetroomsDesign and so on.

Talk to Your Contractor About the Construction Process

Talking to your contractor and getting a clear idea of the construction process beforehand is a key step in bathroom remodeling preparation. Talking about bathroom remodeling ideas and design trends may be the fun part (check out this article for examples), but discussing the construction process is just as essential.

Don’t be shy about discussing these important topics especially if you are looking for the best bathroom remodeling company in your area. Here is a list of things to discuss:

  • Dust control
  • Flooring Protection
  • Their staging area location
  • Child and pet safety
  • How and how often trash will be taken offsite
  • Portable toilet for workers

Schedule Everyone’s Bathroom Routines

Before your modern bathroom remodel, schedule everyone’s bathroom routines to avoid chaos. If you live alone, obviously this step isn’t something you have to worry about, but if you live with multiple people, this step is crucial.

Before the bathroom remodeling service arrives, sit everyone down and discuss everyone’s bathroom habits. Mornings are usually busy for everyone, but who needs to leave the house first? Find a compromise that everyone can agree to such as some people waking up a little earlier than usual or a rotating schedule of who wakes up first.

Get Creative With Space (Spread Out)

To avoid further chaos amongst the members of your household, get creative with your space and spread out. Prevent bathroom traffic jams by only using it for showers and using the toilet. Hair and makeup can be done outside of the bathroom by popping a mirror on bedroom desks and tables.

If you have a powder room, make that area the designated space for brushing teeth and face shaving. Having everyone spread out will avoid potential arguments over who is taking too long in the bathroom.

Purge and Organize Your Toiletries

You have to remove all of your items anyways, so why not hit two birds with one stone and purge and organize your toiletries before your modern bathroom remodel? Find three boxes and a bin for trash and label each one with one of these categories: everyday items, seldom-used items, and unopened items.

Preparing for Your Modern Bathroom Remodel

The secret to making your modern bathroom remodel run as smoothly as possible all depends on your preparation. If you want to curtail the chaos, be sure to follow our tips above! If you found this post helpful, be sure to check out more from our blog.