The smartphone has become for many an extension of the hand, we do not part with it neither during dates, nor during dinner with the family, afraid to miss the “sensational” news, generous bonuses at, or an important message. If you, like us, recognize your own addiction to gadgets, then here are some useful tips to help combat this addiction.

Unite to Fight Together

At meetings with friends, make arrangements to put away your smartphones while you socialize. If you’re not ready to turn off your phone altogether, at least turn down the volume. You probably don’t see each other in real life often enough to waste precious time on virtuality.

The same rule should be implemented with your family: no gadgets while watching movies or eating together.

Start With Yourself

The worst thing you can do for your day is start it by browsing through social media feeds and news feeds, barely opening your eyes. Using an alarm clock on your phone? Get a regular one so you’re not tempted every time you touch the device. Too much information kills your concentration, and it will be hard for you to adjust to a calm work rhythm.

Carve out a day a week when you can spend time without your phone. Dedicate time to yourself: take a bath with salt, meditate, go to the mountains. Just remember that once your world was full of emotions and without a smartphone with unlimited Internet connection.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Put in digital order: remove apps that take up your time and money, leave only the ones that really benefit you. Games without much mental effort are not the best way to kill time. 10 minutes at the end of your lunch break is better spent on a little physical workout before the second half of the day.

Bet you didn’t even know that you can limit your time on Instagram with a timer built into the app, did you? Indeed, when your phone screen pops up to tell you that you’ve been online for two hours, you’ll have a very different perspective on what’s going on.

Is the post you want to publish that important? Can’t you live with yourself without knowing what your favorite blogger had for breakfast?

Of course, getting rid of your smartphone completely is too radical, and in this day and age, more than a little strange. But it’s useful to remember that you are the owner of the device, not the other way around.