Are you ready for summertime?

It might be cold outside where you live, but the warmth and sunshine of the summer months are right around the corner. That means you need to get ready to work in the garden.

As you get organized to spend time in the backyard, you might find yourself needing to move your garden shed to a new location. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for great advice on making a stressful job a little easier.

Here we take a look at valuable tips on how to move a shed quickly and easily. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Assess Your Shed’s Movability

When it comes to ways to relocate a garden shed from one place to another, you’ll need to start by assessing how movable it is. Keep in mind that every shed is different.

Take the time to measure the shed. These measurements should include its width, length, and height. Why is this necessary? Well, understanding its size will help you determine the tools you’ll need for relocating it.

This is especially true when relocating a garden shed from an old home to a new one.

2. Determine the Tools You’ll Need

Do you have a truck or a flatbed trailer? Both of these items will be essential for the moving process.

Keep in mind that loading your shed into the back of a pickup truck or onto a trailer won’t be a one-man job. In fact, you’ll need all the help you can get.

It’s also a good idea to gather a ramp or some strong boards. These are essential for creating a grade for moving the shed from the ground onto the truck or trailer.

3. Empty the Contents

The next piece of advice is about moving a shed to make it as light as possible. This means emptying it of everything possible.

The average gardening shed will be filled with all kinds of gardening tools and supplies that are stored inside throughout the year. Keep in mind that the more you can remove, the lighter the structure will be, making it easier to lift off the ground.

4. Prepare the New Location

Before you move the shed, make sure the new location is ready. Measure out the exact amount of space you’ll need on the ground, and clear the area of any debris. This will enable you to quickly drop the shed into place the moment you arrive.

5. Preparing Your Shed To Be Moved

Once your shed is loaded onto the back of your pickup or trailer, strap it down securely. This will help prevent it from rocking or sliding off during transport.

You might also want to consider renting a storage shed mover to help make the process as simple as possible.

Here’s a great resource where you can find a storage shed mover.

A Homeowner’s Guide On How To Move a Shed

It’s never too early to start preparing your backyard for spring and summer. That’s why these tips for how to move a shed are so important for creating the garden area of your dreams.

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