Building a business means you do not have many of the resources other businesses have. This is in addition to entering a very competitive business environment where everyone is trying to out-compete everyone else. Once you have the business running, you need to make it seem more professional and legitimate if you would like it to grow. Doing this typically entails changing how others perceive the business. Here’s how you can do just that.


Get a Dedicated Phone Number

Every serious business should have a dedicated phone number. It allows you to share your contact information with other businesses without giving other people your personal phone number. It also ensures you do not talk to a customer unprofessionally by accident because you will know they only call on your business number.

There are several options you could use today, starting with a Google Voice number. The Google Voice number is free, and it gives you storage space for your voicemails. Another popular option is VoIP.  VoIP allows you to make and receive calls and text messages through the internet. You can have it set up very simply in your office, but you need an internet connection to ensure you are always reachable.

Some services allow you to forward calls to your personal phone number so that you never miss a call when you are outside the office.

Get a Mailing Address

Using a personal or home address in your business correspondence can make you seem unprofessional. Doing this can also make it much harder for people to trust you or take you seriously. Getting a mailing address can change things and make your business seem more legitimate and professional.

Getting one is important even when you do not ship any products. You do not necessarily need a post office box number these days because there are virtual mail services that give you access to a virtual mailing address for business use.

The virtual mailbox works like a physical mailing address, with customers able to read their mail as high-quality scans and able to use the address in their business correspondence. A popular mailbox service that is trusted by numerous businesses is It provides excellent mailbox services, total privacy, total control over your mail including shredding if you like, and the ability to access your mailbox anywhere in the world.

Get a Domain Name

You should not keep using a Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook email address for your business if you want to seem professional. You also need a website if people are to take you seriously in this digital age.

To enable all this, you should get a domain name for the business. You can use your business name as the domain name, or one that is as close as possible. If the email address is taken, you might have to buy it from its holder, and this could be a sizable investment.

Once you have the right domain name, set up your email address with the domain name at the end. Most hosting providers now make it very easy to do this. You should also get and set up an SSL. You will use this for both the email address and website, and it encrypts all information passing between your website or an email provider and your server.

Work On Your Branding

Branding helps your business be more recognizable and is an integral patriot of your marketing strategy. However, your branding can also be a critical tool in helping the business seem more professional.

At the very least, you should have a logo, brand colors, and brand fonts. All of these are part of your brand’s visual language. If you are having a hard time working on the visual language, you can always find a professional online who will help with it. Many freelancers offer this service at affordable rates on different platforms.

Order Business Cards

Business cards are an excellent tool for word-of-mouth marketing. They are also great for making both you and your business look professional. You can find affordable business card design services online and have the cards printed and delivered to you in a few days.

Include your name, business name, branding elements, and business number to make the business cards look more professional.

Hire Web and Graphics Designers

Unless you are a web or graphics designer, you should leave web and graphics design to professionals. Your website and any graphics you put out there are a representation of your business, and you do not want them to send the wrong message. These professionals know how to develop assets that improve user experience, shore up your marketing efforts, make your brand memorable, and, more importantly, make it look professional.

A little forethought and planning can help you make your business seem more professional with a little effort. Use the tips discussed above to make your business look professional in the eyes of your clients, other businesses, and the wider public.