You must know that stress-free camping should become a norm and should not remain an exception. Whether you are an experienced camper or a newbie, you must follow specific tips to maximize your camping experience to minimize stress on your next road trip. A vacation or a relaxing getaway should not be a stressful endeavor. Newbie campers become stressed during camping because they need to learn how to conduct it in a planned manner. 

Not only planning but packing also becomes quite stressful. It becomes difficult for newbie campers to realize what to pack during the trip—listed below are a few guidelines that can help you have a memorable experience during your next weekend campaign. Timberline Glamping at Unicoi State Park of Helen is a good option. 


Like a new camper, you should not over-pack but rather make it simple. Going overboard is quite natural, especially when you are a newbie camper, but you need to remember that carrying simple things will make the road trip easy for you. However, packing doesn’t mean avoiding necessary items because comfortable travel is also essential for a memorable experience.

Encourage serendipity travel

After you have set your travel plans and packed your luggage for your camping experience, you must focus on the little things where you might go wrong. Only small measures can lead to a domino effect that may spoil the trip. Plan minimum and then take things by going with the flow.

Keep a guilty pleasure in stock

It is essential for you to keep all that you like in stock but enjoy everything in moderation. Stocking things that you select will help you ease stress. Hence packing a glass of wine or chocolate is a good idea. Whatever guilty pleasure you have, try to make it accessible for yourself during the road trip so that apart from enjoying it, you can also relish your favorite food or drink. It is a little trick, but it can make a huge difference in your trip if you follow it right.

Laugh at little things

Try to stay in a happy and cheerful mood. Do not get panicked whenever a small problem arises, but you should laugh it off. If you want stress-free camping, make it a challenge to laugh at minor things. Small things indeed lead to more significant stress, thus if you learn to laugh at small things, you will not have any pressure during the trip. Small things can spoil your mood considerably; therefore, do not let things build up.

A weekend getaway with your family is something that you should look forward to and not become stressed about it. It is a time-consuming affair to plan a road trip; however, if you do it correctly, you will not only enjoy the journey but also carry back home many memorable experiences. Even if something goes wrong a little bit here and there, it is just fine, and you should ignore it and look at the bigger picture.