Are you thinking of selling your property? Maybe you’re committed to a house move or perhaps you’re just beginning to consider the idea of putting your home on the market. Whatever stage you’re at, making your home attractive to prospective buyers will be a top priority.  

Attracting buyers is more important than ever, especially right now. After house prices soared during the pandemic, they’re starting to come down now, with July seeing the steepest annual fall since 2009. So, as a seller, you might need to pull out all the stops to make your home stand out.  

Therefore, it’s likely you’ll be ensuring every room looks pristine and any issues are fixed. From faulty electrics to outdated décor, making sure everything looks great and is in running order is key to making your home look perfect to would-be buyers. 

However, any efforts you put into the interior may well go to waste if the outside doesn’t make a great first impression. Having kerb appeal is crucial. But what is it? And how do you improve yours?

What is kerb appeal?

Kerb appeal is how attractive your property is to people from the street. Properties that are neat and tidy from the outside are likely to entice buyers. They see a tidy exterior and want to see if the inside matches up. 

Here are some ways to make everything look good before they’ve even set foot in your home:  

Fresh paint

You can instantly improve the appearance of your outdoor area by painting and treating the fencing or updating the colour of your front door. This is an excellent opportunity to tap into the latest colour trends, too. 

So, if you’ve been meaning to swap out the grey paintwork for a more on trend neutral, this is your chance. As well as making your home more comfortable for you while you wait for a sale, you are showing prospective buyers that you’ve recently made changes.   

Focus on brickwork

Replacing exterior features such as brickwork, cladding, rendering and roof tiles can dramatically change the appearance of a property. You can pair natural materials such as wood with metal or plaster for a dramatic finish. Replacing any paving slabs that form your property’s driveway can also instantly change the look of the exterior. 

Make it pretty 

Introduce flowers to the outside of your home. If you have a front garden, make sure the grass is neat and free of weeds. Should you have a flagged patio to the front of your home, adding some pots filled with anything from perennials to lavender outside the front door can add a cheerful burst of colour and a lovely scent. 

Tidy up

Make sure that everything looks neat. Clear away weeds, remove any debris, and power wash and flags or stone to make it clean. 

Are you thinking of selling soon? What will you do to give your property kerb appeal?