Does your partner last longer than you in the bedroom? Do you or they show disappointment because you can’t hold ejaculation long enough to keep the session going?

There’s no need to panic; you can hold your orgasm and stay in the game. All you need is to learn a few useful techniques first. 

Fortunately, we’ve already compiled these methods for you. Dive into our list below and learn how to hold your ejaculation for better, more satisfying sex:

Start and Stop Technique

An easy technique on how to hold early ejaculation is the start and stop technique. Some refer to it as the stop-and-go method.

It’s all about getting close to orgasm and then stopping. This doesn’t mean stopping sex entirely — simply shift to focus on something else. Instead of focusing on penetration, for example, move on to kissing or pleasuring the neck for a while.

After relaxing a bit, build up towards orgasm again. Before reaching the point of no return for ejaculation, repeat the cycle. Stop and then go again. 

Doing this will keep you going in bed. You won’t ejaculate prematurely and when you finally do, it’ll be more explosive and satisfying. Not only will you last longer but a better orgasm could lead to more satisfying sex.

Topical Creams and Sprays

Did you know something as simple as a spray or topical cream can help with holding back ejaculation? You can get a penis numbing spray to last longer. It’s as simple as spraying your penis to prevent yourself from ejaculating prematurely.

How does this work?

The products feature chemicals like lidocaine and prilocaine. These are both substances used in anesthesia. When applied, they slightly numb your penis, particularly the sensitive areas that help build up an orgasm. 

By numbing the area and reducing stimuli, you won’t get the sensation of reaching your climax. You’ll get there eventually but it will take much longer.

Hold Ejaculation Through Proper Breathing

You can also learn how to hold longer before ejaculation through proper breathing. As you reach your climax, slow down your breathing. Take a moment to calm down and take deep breaths. 

Slowing down your breathing works for your physical and mental well-being. You’ll be able to calm your body down, calming you down before reaching orgasm, and it will soothe your mind to prevent you from pushing forward with your climax. The only issue is that doing this could also lessen your current drive and you’ll lose your erection.

Basic breathing exercises can do the trick but you can also try yoga routines too. These can help you calm down before ejaculating but without the risk of losing your erection. Mastering your breathing can help you hold your erection and enjoy sex more.

Condoms and Penis Sleeves

Another method is to reduce stimulation by physically blocking skin contact. The simplest method is to wear a thick condom. Thicker condoms particularly have a lot of material and this significantly cuts down the pleasurable sensation one feels during sex. 

You’ll still have an erection, still get to enjoy sex with your partner, but it’ll take much longer to climax. 

For some people, however, a condom isn’t enough. If this is the case, you’ll want something thicker. This is when you should try out different penis sleeves.

A sleeve can either enhance the sensation you feel during sex or reduce it. Look for those built to reduce physical stimulation. The added benefit of using a sleeve is that they can also make your penis feel thicker and they can further stimulate your partner. 

Try New Positions

You want to learn how to hold ejaculation and keep sex going longer? A simple technique is to change positions during sex.

Say, for example, you’re about to hit your climax. Right before you hit the point of no return, back down and change position. You’re not completely doing the start-and-stop method but you are taking a few moments off to change positions. 

Your new position could be as stimulating as the last but the sensation will feel different. You’ll work different muscles, experience a different side to sex, and you’ll have to build up to your orgasm all over again. It’s a simple method but it ensures you hold your ejaculation while keeping the session going. 

Use this technique to achieve a better orgasm when it’s time to finish the sex session. Go from missionary to sitting her on your lap to reverse cowboy before finishing off by getting her down for doggystyle. When you finally reach your orgasm, it’ll be stronger and in a position of your choosing. 

Orgasm Denial

A more extreme method of holding your ejaculation and last longer in bed is to practice orgasm denial. This is a common method for couples who are into BDSM. It’s all about preventing you or your partner, whoever is the submissive one in the relationship, from climaxing for as long as possible.

You can achieve this by wearing a chastity belt or by masturbating but quitting right before orgasm. Some people refer to the latter as edging. Edging for a few days is a good way of building anticipation for better sex. 

Practicing this for a long time can help someone gain better control of their ejaculation. The goal is to orgasm on command and while that may seem improbable, it’s possible through experience and enough practice.

Start Holding in Ejaculation For Longer-Lasting Sex

It’s not impossible to hold ejaculation and enjoy better and longer-lasting sex. Practice different breathing techniques, use a good spray or cream, change positions, and learn how to start and stop. 

Of course, enjoying better sex doesn’t end here. 

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