Prices continue to climb due to inflation, but the cost of cannabis is unaffected by economic changes. Although cannabis is affordable, many prefer to grow their own by buying inexpensive cannabis seeds.

If you’re interested in doing the same, keep reading to learn how to grow cannabis seeds.


Choosing Cannabis Seeds

Before you learn how to grow cannabis seeds, you need to know how to choose the right ones.

A licensed dispensary should have high-quality cannabis seeds for sale. If there is no dispensary near you, check out online seed banks that ship seeds. Keep in mind that these are sold as “souvenirs,” not for growing.

It’s better to visually inspect cannabis seeds before buying them, so visiting a dispensary is your best option. You’ll be looking for three characteristics:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Firmness

Indica seeds are larger than Sativa seeds and might display stripes. Sativa seeds are generally one color.

Avoid buying seeds that are green or pale-colored. The most mature seeds are a dark brown color that typically features brown spots or dark stripes.

Touch cannabis seeds to make sure they are relatively hard and not broken or soft.

It’s also recommended to purchase cannabis extraction equipment from Fuelled for when your seeds are completely grown.

How to Grow Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis germination is the process you’ll complete to grow weed from cannabis seeds. Germination involves sprouting the cannabis seed to allow it to grow into a plant.

There are different cannabis germination methods to choose from:

Soaking Method

For the soaking method, you’ll take a container full of warm purified, or bottled water. Drop a few cannabis seeds into this container.

The cannabis seeds need to soak completely. It will take about 24 hours for them to sink.

Leave the container in a warm, dark space while they sink. Don’t leave them submerged too long or they will start to rot.

Paper Towel Method

The easiest way to germinate cannabis seeds is through the paper towel method. Plus, it’s affordable!

Take a couple of paper towels and wet them until they are moist. Cover your seeds with them and leave them in a protected, dark environment.

Since it’s best for seeds to stay in warm temperatures, consider using a heating mat. Once the seeds begin to sprout, place them in a grow media.

Soil Method

You can begin the growing process in a small container with soil. Soak the seed, then place it root pointing down with soil over it. Moisten the top.

You can also do this without soaking the seed. The pointy end can face down if the seed isn’t soaked before. You’ll notice growth after about five days.

Use a plastic lid or plastic wrap over the container if you want to maintain the humidity level.

Grow Your Own Cannabis Now!

Learning how to grow cannabis seeds comes with trial and error. You can use the tips in this guide to get started and learn the process better.

No matter which method you choose, you’ll be growing your own cannabis in no time! Keep coming back for more articles like this.