The world of online gambling is a wonderful place. No longer do you need to fill your lungs with second hand-smoke at a casino. Nor do you need to stand around awkwardly, waiting for other people to stop playing the slot machine you want to play.

With the legalization of online gambling in many states, you can play the slots from your computer or smartphone. You can gamble in the comfort of your pajamas, or while you’re at work and you’re bored out of your mind.

And with free online slot games available online, you can save your hard-earned cash to use as extra gambling money, increasing your chances of winning.

But wait, what are free slot games? Are they real, or are they just some more online casino scams?

Keep reading to find out, so you can spend more time in a real online casino and avoid the fake ones. 

Three Types of Free Online Slot Games

If you are searching for an online casino, that could mean a number of different things. For one, it could mean a pretend casino, where no money is gambled, and as a result, no money is won.

The whole point of gambling is that you put your own money on the line, and if you win, you get your money back plus additional money; ie your winnings. Without betting money, you aren’t actually gambling.

So a pretend casino is essentially a practice casino. You can try out different games and see what you like and do not like. You can see how often you win and how often you lose, to see if gambling is favorable towards you in any way.

This is essentially the video game version of gambling, as it is more like gaming and less like gambling. However keep in mind that now we have many top blockchain games, where you can play and earn money.

The second version of free slot machines you might be looking for is a trustworthy online casino that doesn’t require payment to join. For example, some online casinos may require you to pay a small fee in order to sign up and start playing.

A free casino to you might be one that avoids this fee, is free to sign up for, and lets you gamble using your own money as you will.

If neither of those options works for you, then the last option of a free online slot machine is a scam. To put it straight, you can’t win money without gambling your own money.

So if you find a website that promises to pay you money for playing slot machines, but doesn’t require you to put in any of your money, you might be walking into a scam. 

Online Casino Scams to Watch Out For

When it comes to online gambling, there’s a lot of money to be made. And it isn’t very hard for scammers to trick people.

Scammers are generally very good with technology and could easily create an online gambling website that looks really good. You might think it’s a real casino, but is actually a website that is going to steal your money or your information, or both.

If a website promises to make you rich, or guarantees winnings, that’s a bad sign. Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to gambling. Legitimate casinos know that they cannot advertise guaranteed winnings.

In fact, legit casinos are regulated by governing agencies. If you are in the US, you should only use an online casino that is registered with governing authorities. That means that they operate a legitimate business and aren’t going to steal your money.

You can always validate if a website is indeed legit by searching their info on the governing agencies’ websites. 

Also, if an online casino requires you to download anything to your computer in order to use it, avoid it. Scammers know that one of the best ways to steal money and information is by tricking people into downloading infected software to their devices.

All online casinos should be browser-based, meaning you can play games on the internet without having to download any programs. 

Finding a Reputable Online Casino

So how can you find a legitimate casino to play poker and slots on? There are a few brand-name options out there. Some include BetMGM, which is the online version of MGM Casinos and Hotels, based in Las Vegas.

But there are many other smaller sites that may offer the games you like to play or lower fees in order to play. You can visit a site like Trust Geeky to find reviews and recommendations for trustworthy online casinos. 

Some online gambling sites even offer welcome bonuses, so that the first few games you play are free.

How to Earn Money through Gaming

So, you like the thought of earning money while playing games, without having to spend any money of your own, right? Well, there are options for you, but they aren’t considered gambling.

Rather, there is a growing number of play-to-earn computer games available today, thanks to blockchain technology and decentralized finance. Blockchain is the revolutionary technology that empowers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

But it can also power gaming platforms that allow you to earn cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, known as NFTs, that can be sold for real money.

Most of these play-to-earn games are free to start playing. And the more you play, and the more successful you are, the more coins and assets you can earn, and ultimate trade and sell for cash.

Some of the most popular play-to-earn games include Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, Battle Racers, and a bunch of others.

There are many different types of games, from RPGs to trading card games, and much more. Although it’s not gambling by any means, it’s a way of earning money for free, just by playing games. Talk about the best of both worlds!

Finding Fun Ways to Earn Money

Now that you know you should be careful about free online slot games, what are you going to do instead? Will you choose to gamble on reputable sites, risking your own money in hopes of making it big?

Or will you instead spend your time playing crypto, play-to-earn games instead? Perhaps you can do both. 

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