Did you that more than one-quarter of fires reported in the US occurred in homes? These fires can cause, on average, $7.3 billion of property damage each year throughout the country.

If you have had a home fire, filing a claim with your insurance company is essential, and for that, you should have an attorney. But how can you find the right fire damage claim attorney?

Let us look at how you can find a great lawyer to fight for your claim.

1. Get Recommendations for a Fire Damage Claim Attorney

One of the first things you need to do is ask people you trust for recommendations. Getting a referral from another attorney or a business associate can be a great way to know the lawyer will be a reputable one.

You can also look at your state’s Bar Association. Compile a list of the names you have and start the process of vetting them before deciding on a fire damage claim lawyer.

2. Read Reviews

You need to look at the kind of experiences previous clients have had with the attorney. Filing a fire damage claim is a stressful thing to go through, so you need to make sure the attorney you choose will not make things harder.

Look to see if previous clients have had mainly positive experiences. Was the attorney hard to reach? Did they keep them updated on the progress of their claim?

Many times, lawyers have client statements on their sites, so do visit and see what clients have to say.

3. Experience

The lawyer has to have years of experience in the fire damage settlement area. The process can be complex, and you do not want someone who has never been through the filing of a claim before.

You want to see how many of the claims they have helped file were successful and how successful they were in terms of compensation.

4. Training and Licenses

An attorney has to have licenses to offer their services in the state in which they practice. They have to be part of the state’s Bar Association, and they can be members of other legal associations, as well.

You can usually find all of this on their websites, but if you are unsure, asking them for proof can be important.

5. Communication Is Key

Having an attorney does you no good if you cannot reach them to ask about your claim or to get answers to questions you have about the process. The attorney you choose to try to get you fire damage compensation has to be available, returning phone calls and emails in a prompt manner.

Find the Lawyer to Represent You

When filing a claim, you need to have the best fire damage claim attorney on your side. They will be able to get you the compensation you need to get back to normal after a property fire. By asking for recommendations, checking licenses and experience levels, and reading reviews, you will be able to find the right attorney.

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