One minute the kids are playing outside and the next thing you hear is a loud crash. The dreaded broken house window.

There’s nothing worse as it compromises the security of your home and exposes it to the elements. You can’t just leave it unattended because it can take more than a few days for a window repair.

So what do you do next? Do you call in a contractor or try to fix it yourself? The answer is both.

A broken window should be handled immediately. It could be cracked or fully smashed, but you’ll need to follow these steps while you wait for a window replacement.

Glass Safety

Gather a pair of gloves, goggles, a dustpan, and a brush. Then start by clearing away any broken glass around the window, with large pieces first and then the smaller parts.

Be wary of the type of glass the window is made from, as some are more dangerous. For example, tempered glass will normally shatter into tiny pieces making it safer to clear away. But annealed glass breaks into shards which is extremely hazardous, so be mindful of any that are still hanging from the window frame.

What about glass with cracking only?

You’ll want to check how stable it is first by pushing it gently (don’t forget to wear gloves!) If it doesn’t break, you should be good to secure it.

Grab yourself some packing tape and cover generously over the cracks. This will hold the glass together for the time being and prevent the window from falling apart. But don’t wait until the glass breaks on its own and get in contact with your local window replacement company today to make sure the problem is gone as soon as possible.

Broken House Window Coverings

You’ll want to stop any air and water from getting inside, so a plastic sheet or a garbage bag should do the trick here. Cover any holes and tape all around to secure it.

Generally, a new window replacement will take a few days before it’s ready to be installed. This is especially the case for extremely large windows and custom-made replacements. For the time being, it’s best to board up the window while you wait.

You can use a large piece of plywood for this or alternatively contact a window supplier to check it out. They will be able to help you safely board up the window straight away and arrange for a replacement in the meantime.

Can You Claim Insurance?

This will depend on your home insurance policy. If your broken house window was from criminal damage or a natural disaster then you could potentially claim from your insurance. Keep in mind that the insurance company may have its own list of contractors or requirements that need to be met if you choose an independent window repairer.

Lastly, if the damage to the window is relatively minor, then it might not be worth claiming from your insurance.

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