We have seen fashion trends make a comeback year after year and the latest recurring fashion trend has been the resurgence of the preppy look. Originally popular in the midst of ivy league students and was a part of collegiate style, which was partially inspired by prep school uniforms but modernised and fit to the lifestyle of those adorning the outfits.

It’s based on sophistication, comfort and sportiness. We owe this resurgence to the popularity of fashion within media, including shows such as Gossip Girl that showcased many characters wearing this style of clothing. Here we have highlighted some staples that you can use to create a preppy capsule wardrobe for yourself.

Pleated Skirts

Pleated skirts have been a staple in many fashion styles, but mostly the preppy look. It can be paired with many pieces and is what anyone thinks of when they think of prep fashion. It’s a must-have to achieve the look you are going for. Usually worn in muted colors, but you can incorporate colors into it to fit your personality into it as well. You can also wear it with a matching blazer for a monochrome look.

Button Downs

Button downs are at the base of any preppy outfit. It can be in any fit you prefer, slim to oversized, some even opt for a cropped button down look. It can be very versatile because you can pair them with anything and it fits within the theme.

Platform Heels

Platform heels are the go to in achieving the collegiate clean girl look. It gives the effect of a school uniform. Simple black platfrom heels with a rounded tip are the perfect shoe option to fit into this style. Not to mention that they are super comfortable which is an added bonus.


The best colors for a cardigan are navy blue, dark green, beige, black and off-white. It should resemble the colors and feel of a collegiate sweater. You can even go as far as incorporating your own college’s varsity jackets and sweaters into your wardrobe for the most authentic prepster vibe.


If you prefer flat shoes over platform heels, you can opt for a loafer. They are similar in style but are even more comfortable, extremely fashionable as well. Chunky and edgy shoes fit right into the preppy look, even though it can be quite subversive. It is the go to shoe to elevate your preppy look and can be worn during all seasons.


Vests can be a nice add-on to your button downs if the weather is a bit chillier, you can colormatch them to your pleated skirts and get a very desirable monochrome feel to your outfit. It fits right into the collegiate ivy league look and can give you outfit a pop or color.


Blazers are in right now. You can either go for an oversized blazer or a more slim fitted one, you can even pair them with a necktie for the complete schoolgirl look. Some even incorporate a school crest into it.


Trousers are a preppy staple. Some are more comfortable and feel more mobile in pants rather than skirts. This gives you a great edge and still fits into the preppy aesthetic. You can go for khakis as well if you’d prefer. They also come in a lot of fits, you can either get it slim fitted or loose fitted, depending on your liking.

Knee High Socks

Knee high socks are a great accessory in your preppy arsenal. You can pair them with any outfit of your choosing for a warm, comfortable and stylish add-on to your outfit. It can also be great if the weather is cold and you prefer skirts over pants.

Classic Jewelry

Most preppy girls wear classic jewelry. This can range anywhere from gold tennis bracelets, to pearl detailing. It can really tie everything together. And you know what they say, no outfit is complete without the right accessories. You have a large selection to choose from.

You can try anything from gold hoops, to pearl earrings and stacking jewelry can look great too. Some even go so far as to do french braids and add ribbons to their hair to complete their look. You can take inspiration from anything and make it preppy!