Deciding to move your parent into a care home can be a difficult one, but sometimes this is what is best for them in the long term. While it would be wonderful for them to continue to live independently if they are struggling to carry out basic tasks, prepare their meals, or care for other important aspects of their well-being, it is time to reach out for some support.

Although there are other options to consider in addition to residential care homes, the latter can make it easier for both your parent and you, as it can provide greater peace of mind that they have around-the-clock care from professionals.

If you and your senior parent are considering this option at the moment, here is how to find the right care home for them.

Where is the Home Located?

It is important to carefully consider the location of the care homes you are looking at, and this is for a few reasons. Firstly, you want to make sure that this home is close by to at least a few relatives that can visit frequently and will be able to get to the home quickly in case there is an emergency.

Secondly, taking note of the surrounding area and whether or not it is considered a safe place is also important. You want to know that your parent is living in a good area where there is a low risk of crime and other disturbances so that they can feel comfortable in their new neighborhood.

Being close to amenities can also be useful so that your parent can still enjoy some shopping or leisure time outside of the care home if they are out with friends and carers for the day.

What Kind of Care Does the Home Offer?

You should also look at the kind of care the home offers before you make a decision, too, as some will cater to more needs than others. This is important as you want to know that your parent is getting the right support for what they are going through, but also, if their situation changes that they won’t necessarily have to move again later on.

For example, this elderly home care facility can provide services for memory care and veteran care. It’s important to ask about this when you do visit homes to make sure it will be the right place for your parent.

How Well Looked After is the Property?

When you do go for visits, also pay close attention to how well the property is looked after. You want to have peace of mind that your parent will be comfortable in their new surroundings, so if the property looks neglected in any way, this could be a red flag.

This includes outdoor spaces as well as interiors. You might also want to think about how the staff behaves, as you want your parent to be treated well and with compassion when they are in their care.

If you are starting to look at care homes for your senior parent, make sure you are keeping the above points in mind to help you find the right place for them.