Did you know most real estate agents need to hire a real estate photographer? If you need some tips on finding the best real estate photographer, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to find one that will help your business.

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1. Ask For Recommendations

You should look at getting recommendations from other real estate agents. If you work within a brokerage, ask around for an excellent photographer.

You want to find someone with lots of experience working as a real estate photographer.

2. Ask to Look at Previous Photos

When you speak to photographers, you should ask if you can look at their previous projects. Photographers have a website so you can check out their work.

Find a photographer who’s quite familiar with taking photos for real estate.
The photographer will need to know the different rules. You don’t want the photos to get declined by the MLS.

3. What About the Licensing and Work-for-Hire Agreement?

You want to find out what the photographer’s terms are before you sign the contract.

Make sure you understand what you’re allowed to and not allowed to do with the photos. Who owns the rights to the images? What kind of license will the photographer give you?

You’ll need something in writing. A written agreement will protect both you and the photographer. This way, you’ll have clear rules about the payment terms and ownership.

When you pay a photographer, you’re paying for the images and ownership and licensing.

4. How Long Will It Take?

Managing and setting expectations is critical for the photographer and real estate agent.

You’ll want to ask how long the photos will take and if you can download the images from a website.

Will the photographer email the images to you? What sizes will you receive, and can you choose different sizes? What services will they offer?

Can you get a virtual tour or video done? Extra services could include flyers, floor plans, property videos, and photography.

5. Does the Photographer Have a Drone License?

You should find out if the photographer has an FAA Part 107 Drone Certification.

You will need this if you’re using it commercially. The drone is also required to get registered with the FAA.

6. What About the Cost?

Professional photographers will have different expenses associated with their work. You might need to pay licensing fees, and your photographer might give you the print or digital files of your listings.

Yet, they own the copyright to work. Talk to the photographer about this licensing agreement. Learn what you’re allowed to do with the images.

You also want to be clear on the final cost of the shoot and the editing process.

Some photographers charge for extra time spent editing or charge for travel fees. You’ll want the pricing information before you sign a contract.

Ask the photographer beforehand. You pay for different elements. They also will have to edit and adjust the listing images.

7. What Do You Want?

Before you hire a photographer, you’ll want to make a list of everything you need from the photographer. Please explain what you would like them to shoot in your listing.

Are there specific details or amenities you would like them to highlight? Make sure you write down these details for your photographer. This way, you’ll end up with a product you love.

Walkthrough the rooms of the listing and figure out what parts should get spotlighted.

You’ll want to highlight things like a standalone island or a spacious counter area in a kitchen. Highlight these spots for future buyers.

Through the bedrooms, the photographer should snap pictures of closet space. In the living room, make sure the photos emulate an atmosphere.

If there’s a basement in the listing, you’ll want to try and make it appealing for kids and adults. Kids can use a finished basement for a playroom, and adults can use the basement for entertainment.

In the backyard, you can highlight the different elements like a pool or a stunning garden. You should play up aesthetic features like a flower bed or a newly paved driveway in the front yard.

Try to highlight the storage area in the garage and make the garage look as spacious as possible. If you want to try taking pictures, learn about real estate photography here.

8. Do You Like the Edits?

You’ll also want to consider examining the photos after they finish the job. You should explain which photos you like and which ones they can delete. Then, the photographer will need to spend time editing these images.

You’ll want to analyze the photographs. Did they highlight the important areas? Does it look like they overdid it with the edits?

You shouldn’t hold back if you see an issue. Let the real estate photographer know so they can fix it for you. You’re spending a lot on these images, so make sure you get what you want.

Best Real Estate Photographer

We hope this guide on finding the best real estate photographer was helpful. Consider asking some of your colleagues for a recommendation. Some real estate agents will work with the same photographer.

You should provide the photographer with detailed information about the listing. Make sure you ask about the license and contract. Will you own the images?

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