Choosing reading glasses that work for you can be simple and easy. Learn how to pick frames that showcase your personality while highlighting the features of your face shape and skin tone. When testing out frames, bring a reading chart with you. Remove any glasses and hold the chart approximately 14 inches from your face. The first line you have trouble reading indicates the reading glass strength you should aim for.

Skin Tone

Skin tone is one of the most critical factors when finding the right glass frame color. A warm or cool complexion can significantly affect your choice of frame color. A cool complexion typically has blue or pink undertones, while a warm complexion has yellow or golden hues.

Using the information you have determined from your skin tone, you can easily select a pair of frames from online retailers like Zenni Optical that will complement your look. The color of your eyes is also a significant factor in selecting your glasses frame color. Your eyes range from a dark, deep cider shade (excellent) to a light peach or orange shade (warm). Hair color is also a primary element in selecting eyeglass frame colors.

Blondes generally look good with various glass frame colors, while brunettes can go either way, depending on the hue of their natural hair shade. If you have a heart-shaped face or a widow’s peak, consider frames with wide upswept styles such as cat-eye or rectangular glasses.

These frames help remove the focus from the narrow forehead and angular jawline of your heart-shaped or triangle face shape. Similarly, if you have a diamond-shaped face, choose a more comprehensive top portion of the frame, such as an aviator or d-frame style, to draw attention to your eyebrows and take the focus off your narrow chin and cheeks.

Eye & Hair Color

Similar to skin tone, eye, and hair color can also affect the selection of frames. The right frame color can make your eyes and hair pop, enhancing their beauty. If you have blue eyes, consider a light frame color that complements them. You can also experiment with different colors to see what looks best. For example, a dark blue frame is better for you than a red one.

Similarly, brown or green eyes look good with natural tones like brown or amber frames. Try a darker frame to bring out the color if you have blue or purple eyes. Bright frames can be a good fit if you have red or yellow eyes. Heart-shaped or triangle faces are characterized by narrow foreheads and chins, with broad cheeks and jawlines.

You can add some width to your narrow forehead with a rectangular or aviator frame. Cat-eye frames are also a good choice for this face shape to balance your chin and take the focus away from a widow’s peak. People with oblong or rectangular faces can usually pull off any glass frame. You can even experiment with bolder frames, such as those with a geometric or unswept design.


People with a lively personality often choose colorful frames that reflect their spunk. People who pick bright colors with different patterns are more outgoing and fun-loving, while shy individuals might opt for a pair of subtle glasses that let them blend in and feel more comfortable at work or school.

You can even select reading glasses in the same color as your eye or hair for a unique look. This creates a balanced contrast and helps you stand out, making you feel confident and secure. Another factor to consider is your lifestyle and how you use your glasses. If you spend much time working on digital devices at home or in the office, invest in a pair with blue light filters, photochromic lenses, or anti-reflective coating.

These features will reduce the amount of glare from artificial lights, preventing your eyes from getting too tired or straining after prolonged wear. A final aspect to consider is the material of your frames. Metal is durable and sturdy, while acetate is lightweight and comfortable for extended wear. Both options are viable and will depend on your personal preference and budget. Some frames are also made of a combination of materials, giving you the best of both worlds.

Face Shape

Having some basic knowledge about your face shape can help you narrow down your selection of frames. Although no one has a perfect face shape, some guidelines can be used to determine which frame styles will best flatter your features. For example, if you have a heart-shaped face with high cheekbones, you may want to look for glasses with a circular frame shape.

Conversely, if your forehead is narrower than your chin, you will likely have an inverted triangle face shape and should select frames that add width to the top of your head. If you have a rectangular face, you can highlight the length of your face with oversized frames that feature bold angles.

Alternatively, you can opt for more subtle frames like a panto or cat-eye shape to complement the angular lines of your face. For people with diamond faces, which are narrow at the eye line and jawline, accentuate your natural angles with frames with detailing or distinctive brow lines. Rounder frames wider at the bottom of your face are also ideal for this shape.

Similarly, ovals and rimless styles will also compliment your face shape. The final step in selecting reading glasses that complement your style is to consider what color works well with your eyes and skin tone. With these simple steps, you can find a pair of frames that fit your personality and match your unique features perfectly.