If you’re a hunter, you’ll know how important it is to have a good hunting knife. Not only does it help your skin and butcher game, and it can also be a handy tool for camping or hiking out in the woods.

Whether you have a fixed blade or a folding knife, cleaning and maintaining it properly is essential. Keeping it clean will help you keep your hunting knife in great condition, which can make the difference between being able to use it for a long time and becoming an outdated tool.


Clean the Blade

If you own a hunting knife like what you can buy at knives Canada, you must know how to clean and maintain your blade properly. This will ensure that your blade is in the best possible condition and will keep it working well for years.

Before cleaning, your blade should first be washed in warm water with mild dish soap. Most of the grit and dirt on your knife’s blade will be removed.

After washing, thoroughly dry your blade to prevent rust from forming. Rust not only ruins the appearance of your knife but can also cause serious damage to the blade.

Once you have cleaned your blade, it is time to clean the handle. Dip a sponge or scrubbing pad in water and gently wipe the handle.

Clean the Handle

Your hunting knife’s handle can get dirty if not cleaned properly. Depending on your handle’s material, there are a few different ways to clean it.

Handles made from wood can be cleaned by soaking them in warm soapy water but not submerging them in hot or harsh water. This could cause damage to the material it’s made from.

Another option is using a cotton swab to scrape the grime gently. Then, thoroughly rinse the handle with warm water.

If your handle is made from bone, you can also rub oil to protect it. This will help keep it from turning brittle and protect it from corrosion.

Disinfect the Blade

The blade of a hunting knife can become dirty over time, especially if you use it regularly. You’ll want to disinfect your knife regularly to keep it clean and free from rust and other stains affecting its function.

A simple water and baking soda solution can disinfect a hunting knife’s blade. Mix equal parts of the two and coat both sides of your knife’s blade with the resulting paste.

To prevent rust, give your hunting knife a good rinse before fully drying it. This will guarantee that your blade stays in good condition for as long as possible and help prevent rust from accumulating.

The handle of a folding hunting knife can also become a magnet for dirt and other foreign materials. This is particularly true if you allow a build-up of blood to occur.

Lubricate the Blade

Properly lubricating the blade of your hunting knife can be crucial to its functionality. Leaving the blade without lubrication can lead to oxidation and corrosion and cause it to wear out sooner than expected.

Because of this, it’s crucial to lubricate the blade of your hunting knife at least once a year, and maybe more frequently, depending on how you use it. The pivot pin and other moving blade components should be lubricated.

You can use various oils for this purpose, including food-safe mineral oil. However, be aware that some oils are more suited for lubricating the pivot of your knife than other lubricants.

Generally, wet petroleum-rich lubricants are the best choice for lubricating your blade’s pivot. These lubes are thinner than mineral oil and offer greater protection against rust and corrosion.