Are you aware that around 7 million new homes were built over the past 10 years? Even though new construction might sound appealing, maybe you have your heart set on a home that needs some love and care. You can score a better deal if you turn to an as-is or abandoned house.

Read on to learn how to buy an abandoned house!

Look for Abandoned Houses

What is an abandoned house? It is a property that has endured years of neglect and no longer is occupied. The original owner may have relinquished control of it. 

First, you’ll need to track down abandoned houses. These might not appear in your standard online real estate listings. When it comes to abandoned house buying tips, a big one is to start by simply driving around. 

You may be able to notice boarded-up windows, broken glass, or other clear indications that the home is not occupied. You also can talk to a local tax department to track down properties. Finally, banks might be able to direct you toward foreclosed homes. 

Contact the Owner

The home’s owner may be a traditional head of household. But for a home in bad shape, a bank or government entity may have taken over selling a home as is. For instance, maybe the house is in foreclosure.

Alternatively, you can knock on the doors of neighboring homes. They might be able to point you to the last known owner of the home. And if the home looks much worse than neighboring homes, an HOA could be very eager to help you in your process to take ownership of it. 

Prepare to Make an Offer

To buy an abandoned house, you’ll need to make an offer. Before you do this, it’s best to pursue a home inspection. While you can guess the home will need a lot of work, this will help you know what to expect.

A home inspector will look at the electrical wiring, plumbing, and foundation. You’ll be able to use potential repair costs as you formulate an offer. 

And when you do make an offer, be prepared to negotiate. On the other hand, if the owner really wants the property gone, you could get an acceptance quickly!

Line Up Your Finances

One of the key benefits of buying an abandoned house is the lower price tag. Even so, you’ll curry more favor with the seller if you can put more money down upfront. And cash is even better.

Traditional mortgage lenders may not want to do business on a risky house. But a private lender can help you secure the necessary funds. Just be aware of the interest rate and repayment timeline before you sign a contract.

And, of course, account for forthcoming expenses. You’ll need to budget for significant repairs related to foundational issues or plumbing. Make sure you have enough money saved to cover these!

Buy an Abandoned House

To buy an abandoned house, you’ll need to scope out your surroundings and be persistent. Line up your finances first. Then make an offer and be prepared to invest in repairs.

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