Did you know that the biggest slots game prizes were $39.7 million in a land-based casino and $24 million online? These amounts are enough to tempt anyone to spin those reels!

But it’s silly to just throw money at a slots machine, hoping to win it big. By going into it blind, you might lose a hefty bit of cash.

Instead, you should learn everything you can before jumping in. That way, it’ll increase your chances of winning big!

So read on to find out how to beat online casino slot machines.

Choose Games With High RTP

“RTP” stands for “return to player”, which indicates how much a game pays back to you. Most online casino slot machines have RTPs of around 93-94%, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find those with RTPs of 95% or higher.

Putting in that extra effort to find slots games with higher RTPs can pay off in the end when you have more money in your pocket.

Understand the Games

Online casinos offer many varieties of slots, including games with different types of bonus rounds. If you don’t know how these rounds work, there’s a good chance you’ll self-sabotage some big prizes.

When you see a game you like, take a moment to study the rules. That way, if anything pops up, you’re not confused.

Take Advantage of Free-Play Slots

On that note, a great benefit of online casinos is they offer free-play slots while land-based casinos don’t. So don’t rush into things by playing real money games first.

Instead, check out the free-play versions and don’t stop until you’re comfortable with the rules and bonus rounds. That way, you won’t be wasting money figuring things out on the real games!

Check Reviews

If you want to beat online casino slot machines, then you need to check casino reviews, such as those for Zetbet Casino.

Not only will these articles tell you whether a site is trustworthy, but they’ll also show you key strategies for beating online casino slot machines. This can save you some time and effort, and ensure that you spend more time playing!

Set Your Limits

Many people fall down the rabbit hole of gambling, wasting their time and money chasing losses. So before you start a session, it’s beneficial to set your limits, such as how much time and/or money you’ll spend.

Set your alarm and if you’re still playing when it rings, finish that round and log off. This isn’t beating online slots, per se, but it is keeping yourself from falling into a large amount of debt!

Know How to Beat Online Casino Slot Machines to Win Big

Now that you know how to beat online casino slot machines, you’ll stand a better chance of raking in cash.

Of course, in the end, slots are almost completely based on luck. So don’t chase losses, as the house always wins.

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