Have you always dreamed of renting a loft apartment?

Whether you’re looking for your first apartment or are in need of an upgrade, you can’t go wrong looking at loft apartments for rent. However, these types of apartments are traditionally a little more expensive.

Loft apartments are typically more open, spacious, and flexible. Just as importantly, they offer better natural lighting. And let’s not forget about trendy aesthetics like exposed brick, thick wooden beams, and stunning views of the city.

The question is, how much will you pay to enjoy these benefits? We can help you answer this question. Keep reading for a list of factors that determine the costs of loft apartments for rent.


When looking at loft apartments for rent, the location might be one of the most important factors to consider. If you want an apartment located right in the heart of the city, you’re going to pay a little more.

These locations are in high demand because of the convenience of living so close to stores, hospitals, workplaces, etc. However, if you’re looking to save money and don’t want to abandon your dream of living in a loft apartment, you can surely find some in more affordable locations.

Square Footage

No matter what type of real estate you’re looking into, you’ll generally pay extra for more living space. The same rule applies to loft apartments for rent.

A small studio loft apartment will be much more affordable than one with multiple bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and several thousand square feet of living space. If having more space is important to you, be prepared to pay a higher monthly rent.


In all types of apartments, your rental costs will vary based on the features of the unit. For example, the best apartments offer an in-unit washer and dryer. Using community laundry facilities and laundromats is a major inconvenience.

Other features that will drive up your rent include:

  • Updated kitchens
  • High-end materials (flooring, countertops, doors, fixtures, etc.)
  • Updated bathrooms
  • Landlord-provided utilities and services

These types of apartment features make your life more luxurious and comfortable. Whether or not they’re worth the extra cost is up to you.


Apartment features and amenities often get confused. However, it’s important to learn the difference, as the amenities included in loft apartments for rent can drastically affect the rent.

Common amenities offered by apartments can include:

  • Off-street parking
  • Covered parking
  • HOA services (snow removal, property maintenance, general cleaning services, etc.)
  • Community pools and hot tubs
  • Fitness rooms
  • And more

If these things are important to you, it’ll be well worth the additional expense. If you don’t think you’ll use them, however, don’t pay extra for an apartment that includes these amenities.

Are You Looking for Loft Apartments for Rent?

How much are you willing to pay for your next apartment? Consider the factors listed above when searching for loft apartments for rent. Make sure you’re only paying for amenities and features that you want or need.

And if you’re looking for more rental advice or real estate tips, don’t go anywhere. Browse through some of our other articles before you go to learn more about how to save money and find the best apartments.