Did you know there are a total of 1.4 million active-duty military personnel in the US right now?

Joining the military is a rewarding career path that lets you unlock your potential and do your American duty. Whatever branch of the military you want to enlist in, you’re probably wondering: “how much do you earn in the military?”

If you’re interested in joining up, it’s worth learning about the sliding scale of military income. Depending on your role and responsibilities, your military salary could vary significantly. That’s where our helpful guide comes into play.

Read on to learn all about military pay in 2022.

Basic Pay

Basic pay is a service member’s principal source of income. Your years of service and rank are the two key elements determining where you fall on the basic pay scale.

For example, a Private 2nd Class (pay grade E-2) with 4 years of service would receive a monthly military salary of $2,000.70. However, a Staff Sargent (E-6) with the same service time would receive $3,318.90.

As you progress through ranks, you will find your basic pay rate improves. Officers’ basic salary is calculated using the same method. A Colonel with 10 years of service receives $11,217.60 per month. You can check out the full scale here.

Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS)

BAS is a nontaxable benefit designed to help military members cover their meal costs.

The BAS rate is modified annually based on food prices. In 2021, all officers received the same compensation of $266.18 per month. The majority of enlisted members received the regular BAS of $386.50.

Basic training enlisted personnel must eat at government dining facilities and consequently do not receive BAS.

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)

BAH is a tax-free allowance used to offset housing expenditures. BAH payments are calculated by rank, military assignment, and the presence (or absence) of dependents.

Service personnel who reside in government-owned accommodation, whether barracks, dormitories, or family housing, do not receive BAH. BAH tariffs are available on the Defense Travel Management Office’s website.

As a service member, you can use your BAH benefits for passive real estate investing. This will enable you to generate a passive income on top of your military salary. 

Special and Incentive Pay

When service members are deployed, they also receive additional allowances based on their location, length of deployment, and family situation.

Family Separation Allowance (FSA) is paid at $250 per month during extended periods of family separation. Additionally, members serving in designated hostile zone receive an extra $225 per month.

Hardship Duty Pay compensates service members stationed in areas with poor living conditions or personnel assigned to specific missions. This ranges from $50 – $150 per month.

Military Income: What You Need To Know

So, that’s the 101 on military pay in 2022. 

Myriad factors influence your military income. Our helpful guide puts you on the path to a rewarding and fulfilling military career with a good salary.

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