There are a lot of elements that go into maintaining curb appeal and one of them is home landscaping. This includes everything from trimming to leaf removal. 

Leaf blowers were first introduced to the U.S. market in the 1970s. Since then, Americans everywhere have saved countless time and energy removing leaves from their yards.

But how much does a leaf blower cost? Read on to learn everything you need to know about leaf blower prices. 

How Much Does a Leaf Blower Cost? 

When buying a leaf blower, it’s important to account for cost. There are many types of leaf blowers, all of which range in price point.

The Cheapest Option

In general, a corded electric leaf blower can run anywhere from $30 to $100. These are usually the cheapest blowers you’ll find. These blowers are easy to use, but are very heavy and lack the mobility offered by other blowers. 

The Average Price Range

Most blowers will cost between $100 and $500. In this range, you’ll find cordless electric, gas handheld, and gas backpack blowers. 

Cordless electric blowers are the most common blowers used by homeowners and run between $150 and $300 depending on brand and condition. They are super easy to use, lightweight, and move with you. They use rechargeable batteries which make them more mobile; however, charging the batteries can be a bit of a hassle. 

Gas-powered handheld leaf blowers are as equally portable as cordless electric ones, but they tend to be much heavier.  These blowers require more maintenance and are sometimes difficult to start. On average, these blowers can cost from $90 to $200. 

Gas-powered backpack leaf blowers are the easiest to carry. This backpack leaf blower helps to reduce strain on your arms when carried for a long time. Backpack leaf blowers are most common among professional landscapers because of their reliability, durability, and efficiency. 

The Most Expensive Choice

Gas-powered, wheeled leaf blowers are the most expensive option of all. These blowers are typically used for large jobs that require tons of power and cost anywhere from $300 to $800. 

Even though it does most of the heavy lifting for you, maneuvering one of these machines can be quite tricky. The wheels can easily catch on rocks, fall in holes, or make inclines difficult to navigate. When using machinery like this, be sure to fully follow safety procedures for operation in order to prevent injury. 

What to Consider Before Buying

Before finalizing your purchase, you’ll want to consider price, power, and convenience. Consider how powerful and mobile you’ll need your blower to be. If you want to be able to easily walk out, turn it on, and start cleaning up the yard, it’s wise to use a cordless model. 

On the other hand, if you need something that clears an orchard of fallen leaves, using a backpack or wheeled blower might be a better option.

Once you find a specific model you like, be sure to check out a variety of sellers to find the best price.

Finding the Best Leaf Blower

So, how much does a leaf blower cost? Anywhere from $30 to $800. This of course depends on power, convenience, and model type.  

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