In 2018, approximately 5.34 million existing homeowners sold their properties. It’s hard to say how many sold them as-is, but it’s an option for people that want to sell their homes quickly.

Are you considering selling your property as-is? If so, you might want to consider “how much do you lose selling a house as-is?”

It’s hard to give a direct answer to this question, as it varies.

If you’re considering selling as-is, here are several vital things to consider as you decide how to proceed.

Why People Sell Their Homes As-Is

Selling a house as-is means that you skip the repairs and updates to your home. Instead of making these repairs and updates, you list the home for sale just as it is.

People buying as-is homes understand that they take the properties as they are and can’t ask for the seller to make any repairs.

A local realtor can help you determine the right asking price when selling this way, as you’ll need to put a lot of thought into this decision.

Homeowners sell this way when they don’t want to invest money in their properties or spend time handling the necessary repairs. As-is homes might not need a lot of work in some cases. In other cases, they do, though.

The Downsides and Challenges of Selling This Way

Before you choose to go with an as-is home sale, you might want to discuss your sale with a realtor. One question to ask is about the challenges and downsides of selling this way.

Your agent might discuss two main things:

Selling a House As-Is Laws

Selling as-is still requires completing a full-disclosure form, which means you must list all the known defects, issues, and problems with the house. Your realtor can also help you understand the other laws for as-is home sales.

The Money You Can Lose on the Sale

Secondly, there’s a chance you’ll lose money on the sale. People who purchase these home types often buy them as investment properties.

They’ll evaluate the homes and calculate the cost of the repairs. From there, they will write offers for them. The downside is that this might cause you to lose some money.

An Alternative Option to Consider

While selling your house as-is might be the best option for you, it might also be helpful to consider an alternative option.

The alternative is to invest some time and money into your house before selling. If you do this, you won’t have to sell as-is, and you might find that more homebuyers are interested in buying your house.

The result is that you might sell it for a much higher price, and you might not lose any money.

How Much Do You Lose Selling a House As-Is?

After reading this, you might understand the answer to, “how much do you lose selling a house as-is?”

You can decide to sell this way, or you could fix up your house and sell it for a higher amount. It’s up to you to decide.

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