In this day and age, modern luxury home buyers demand features that offer convenience. They also want their homes to feel opulent.

Today’s most popular items are smart technology, high ceilings and outdoor spaces. The top 5 qualities a contemporary luxury home must have are listed below.


Outdoor Spaces

Today’s luxury home buyers value gardens and outdoor spaces as a vital extension of the home’s interior living areas. They want to spend more time outdoors, whether for relaxation, exercise, or socializing.

As a result, many homeowners seek to buy luxury homes similar to the Summerlin luxury homes for sale and add features that enhance their enjoyment of the outdoors, such as hot tubs and pools.

When designing an outdoor space, it’s essential to ensure that the furniture and textiles are cohesive with the indoor decor and create a seamless flow from interior to exterior.

Adding technology is also a popular feature in these spaces, with people looking to include everything from wireless music streaming and televisions to Wi-Fi boosters and outdoor lighting. An increasing trend is also to construct outdoor cinemas and outdoor-accessible home workplaces.

Smart Technology

In a modern luxury home, technology is a crucial feature. It can elevate the overall vibe of the house while reducing energy costs and helping residents live more efficiently.

Smart devices can be controlled through software embedded in the product or algorithms in a cloud-based system. These algorithms direct the device to respond to changes in its condition or environment.

Similarly, connected products may be controllable through remote commands and various mobile applications. These apps can control many product features, including lighting, security, and temperature.

In addition to lowering energy bills, intelligent technologies can help homeowners monitor their homes while away on vacation and make it easier to control devices like air conditioning, lights, and appliances from the comfort of their smartphones. It can significantly increase a homeowner’s quality of life and increase their home’s value.

High Ceilings

One of the hallmarks of a modern luxury home is high ceilings. They give the rooms a sense of spaciousness, help keep the room cool, and add a dramatic appeal to the space.

These ceilings are available in different designs, such as a tray, coffered, coved, cathedral/vaulted, barrel-vaulted, and groin vaulted. They are often embellished with beautiful materials and artwork.

In addition to the various design options available, luxury homeowners have plenty of choices regarding the material they want to use for their ceilings. They should consider their taste to achieve the perfect look for their home.

Master Suites

A master suite is one of the most popular features in a modern luxury home. It provides a sanctuary for relaxing, sleeping and getting ready.

Modern master suites include large walk-in closets and spacious bathrooms with modern showers and soaking tubs. Some have even included his and their grooming stations.

While these luxurious features may be out of reach for some people, they are increasingly becoming standard in new custom homes and townhouse developments. It is a growing trend in popularity due to the rising number of multigenerational households.

Entertainment or Recreation Rooms

Many modern luxury homes have spacious entertainment or recreation rooms that provide homeowners an excellent way to entertain guests. These spaces often have a large flat-screen television or projection screen, surround sound speakers and comfortable seating options.

These rooms are perfect for families who love watching movies or playing games together. They also have the added advantage of being a quiet space for relaxing or reading.

These rooms are perfect for homeowners who enjoy music, as well. They can also be used as recording studios and practice rooms.