When hip hop hit the music industry, few would have known it would take the jewelry industry by storm. Popular rappers like Jay Z and Drake boast of their larger-than-life jewelry that glistens in the flashes of light. Rapper jewelry such as Cuban link chains, medallions, diamond pendants, and rings have become a mainstream fashion as more and more people have started wearing bold bling.

Influence of Hip Hop on Jewelry Business

Rap jewelry is known by the famous catchphrase “Bling Bling.” Popular hip-hop artists sport this particular jewelry style to create a captivating aura around themselves. Also, these flashy rings and heavy gold chains signify the obvious and appealing riches of the wearer.

Created by DJ Kool Herc in 1973, hip-hop has now become a popular music genre, loved by people all over the world. The trend of wearing flashy bling-bling associated with hip-hop music began in the ’80s when Slick Rick and DMC began to rule the streets with their diamond-encrusted rope chains and sleek accessories.

In the late 1990s, rappers began wearing flashy platinum jewelry when platinum took the place of gold as the most valuable metal. Fans began comparing their favorite artists on the basis of who wore the most outrageous iced-out necklaces and funky ear studs.

Today, we see artists like Jay Z, 50 Cent, and Travis Scott becoming a dazzling display of opulence, boasting their chunky gold chains and medallions at shows. Fans intrigued by the bold hip-hop jewelry emulate their favorite artist’s style by wearing diamond rings and studs to social events. Some people go as far as covering or replacing their front teeth with metal jewels like gold and platinum.

Types of Hip-Hop Jewelry

With hip-hop becoming the top-selling genre, rapper jewelry in different styles, such as chunky gold chains and flashy bracelets, has gained immense popularity among the public. Hip-hop has transformed the jewelry market and is no longer limited to music.

● Hip-Hop Chains

Rappers wear chunky gold chains around their necks to show off their wealth and how far they have come in their journey. You can wear a simple sparkly necklace for a classic look or a chunky gold chain for a bolder look. Layering different chains together is also a popular look sported by several hip-hop artists.

Rappers prefer wearing chains drenched in originality and uniqueness to represent their lifestyle and identity. Hip-hop artists like 5o cent wear multiple gold chains to show off their achievements and luxurious lifestyles. These music artists love bulky and expensive chains with heavy pendants. Rick Ross, for example, boasts a huge diamond and gold pendant of his face!

● Hip Hop Earrings

Diamond studs and huggies in different shapes are one of the most popular hip-hop jewelry among music artists. Sometimes rappers wear mismatched earrings with a stud in one ear and a hoop earring in the other.

ASAP Rocky keeps it classy by sporting a chic look with flashy diamond studs. He doesn’t go for multiple chains and prefers to keep his look sleek and minimalistic.

● Icy Watches

Icy watches are laced with sparkling diamonds and gemstones to ramp up your hip-hop fashion game. The chains of these watches are not visible as they are heavily covered in diamonds. Sometimes, even the dial is encrusted with a precious gemstone.

Hip-hop artists wear them around their wrists to symbolize luxury and wealth. Some artists like to wear diamond-encrusted watches to their concerts, throwing their fans in awe. Icy watches are mostly worn with bracelets. However, if you want to take your style game a few notches higher like Tyga, you can wear two icy watches on the same wrist.

● Flashy Bracelets

Flashy bracelets are another jewelry item worn by influential hip-hop artists. These bracelets sporting heavy stones are weighty jewelry items, measuring up to 10 mm in thickness. It’s a good idea to pair your chain link bracelet with your rings and necklace. You can also get quirky as Soulja Boy, who loves wearing bracelets covered with diamonds of different colors, such as blue, pink, and red.

● Diamond Rings

Rings embellished with diamonds are one of the top jewelry choices among rappers. You may have seen hip-hop artists showing off their hands decorated with icy rings to make a fashion statement. You can wear a single star ring or multiple rings in different shapes. Diamond and platinum bling rings can cost a fortune, whereas rhodium-plated rings come under the category of more affordable options.

As diamonds are precious gemstones, you should take extra care of them and learn how to clean diamonds to keep them shining like new.

● Grillz

Grillz were more common back in the ’80s. It used to take almost 2-3 months to craft Grillz with gold and diamonds. Your teeth decorated with Grillz give you the look of a celebrity like Nelly.

Grillz is a famous jewelry item worn over teeth. Rappers replace their front with gold teeth or adorn their entire teeth with an expensive set of Grillz to attract attention.

Where Can I Find the Best Hip Hop Jewelry?

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Hip-hop jewelry has transformed the jewelry business with uniquely designed diamond rings, bracelets, chains, earrings, and Grillz. The influence of hip-hop on the jewelry business started in the 70s and has only grown stronger since then.

Popular rappers like Jay Z and P Diddy like to boast chunky gold chains and funky diamond studs at their concerts, throwing their audience in awe. If you are looking for captivating rapper jewelry, ItsHot is your one-stop solution for mesmerizing and attractive hip-hop jewelry.