We don’t think much about a lot of things in our linked world. Technology has helped us learn more about what’s going on in the world, but we sometimes forget that some things are still better in person. One thing we probably wouldn’t buy until we’ve seen it for ourselves is land.

Even when we work with a real estate agent, they might not have all the right information about the place. Ownership and use can change over time, after all. ALTA title surveys are a way to learn more about this process.

Interested in how an ALTA title survey can impact real estate ownership among individuals and entities? Keep reading to learn more.


Verification of Property Boundaries

An ALTA title survey carefully maps out the property’s borders using historical records, legal descriptions, and modern surveying techniques. If the property lines are to be set in stone, it is very important to find the borders carefully. 

By clarifying these boundaries, property owners gain the confidence to understand where their land begins and ends. With this, you can start avoiding potential disputes with neighbors over property lines.

Easements and Rights-of-Way

With easements and rights-of-way, people or groups who are not the owners of the land can use it in certain ways. These rights could include letting utility companies put in and take care of infrastructure like power lines or water pipes, or letting neighbors use a certain path across the land. 

Property owners should consider hiring an ALTA survey company to thoroughly assess these critical factors and more. They specialize in providing comprehensive surveys that aid in informed decision-making.

Zoning and Land Use Compliance

Zoning laws say what can be built on a place, how it can be used, and other rules about how the land can be used. A landlord can use an ALTA survey to make sure that their land is in line with the zoning rules in their area. Landlords can avoid expensive fines, fees, or forced changes that could happen if they don’t follow the rules by making sure that the current use of the property and any planned changes are in line with zoning rules.

Insurance and Lender Requirements

When giving money for a real estate deal, lenders often need an ALTA survey as part of their research. Lenders use this information to figure out how much the land is worth and to reduce risks like unclear borders, encroachments, and easements that conflict with each other. Insurance companies also use the poll results to make plans that protect against problems with the title.

Awareness of Title Defects

Even though an ALTA study doesn’t directly affect who owns a property’s title, it can help find problems that could affect the title. Unresolved boundary disputes, encroachments, or easements that clash can leave “clouds” on the title, making it harder to sell and making transactions more complicated. By finding these problems early, property owners can take steps to fix them before they stop the property from being sold or transferred.

Empowering Your Land With an ALTA Title Survey

In the end, an ALTA title survey is an important part of owning land because it shows the boundaries and easements of a certain piece of land in depth. It gives a base for figuring out possible boundaries or encroachments, so the owners can use all of their land rights.

Contact a professional surveyor for more detailed information on ALTA title surveying and how it can protect land ownership.

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