How do slot machines work? We all know how much fun it can be to take a little cash and try your luck to turn it into a lot more, but often, that’s not how it goes.

Here’s the thing, slot machines, and gambling, in general, are more about fun than actually earning. Some of the better odds on slot machines give players a chance to win once in every 5,000 plays.

But there are a number of ways to improve your chances and get on a winning streak.

Read on to find out exactly how slots work and make it work for you.

The Basics

With the big shift to indoors, many people have started opting to visit an online casino over physical premises.

This offers a major convenience, and you still get the thrill of spinning slots in hopes of a big win.

Playing online also offers greater control when it comes to transferring in a set amount of money and just playing to your limits to gamble more responsibly.

The only thing you may really miss is pulling that big crank to set the slots spinning.

How Do Online Slot Machines Work?

You might be a dab hand when it comes to how to play slot machines with physical machines, but playing online can feel completely different.

The fact is that they work in a very similar way whether online or in person.

Slot machines rely on two basic factors built into every machine: RTP and RNG.

See, the fact is, we still haven’t entirely cracked how to make a machine work completely at random. Random number generators (RNG) and other programs rely on a pre-built algorithm that returns numbers seemingly at random, but it isn’t.

RNG machines, therefore, work in patterns. These can be incredibly difficult to figure out for a casual passerby, but spend enough time researching a machine and you can find out exactly what odds it offers.

Return-To-Player (RTP)

Another stat to look at, especially when playing slots online, is the RTP.

When you think about ‘how do online casinos work?’ they are a business. The point of a business is to make a profit, so don’t expect it to pay out everyone who uses that service.

But online casinos often come with more transparency about things like the RTP, which can put you in a much more favorable position.

No casino that intends to stay in business will have an RTP of 100% or above, but there are a few who offer well over 90% odds on some of their slots such as

Google a slots RTP before wasting time and money on it and you could stand to earn some decent pocket money—and potentially an even bigger jackpot!

How Do Slot Machines Work? 

So, how do slot machines work? With numbers and computers behind the scenes.

But knowing about RNG and RTP in advance and spending a little time doing some research can really pay off.

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