It’s that time of the year for backyard barbecues and neighborhood get-togethers.

If you’re hosting an outdoor party for friends and family, you’ll need some outdoor games to keep everyone entertained. Elakai Outdoor offers a wide variety of outdoor games for summer fun, lazy beach days, and backyard parties.

The right kind of outdoor games and party supplies can bring life to your get-together. They’ll be ideal for people of all ages, closing generational age gaps and spreading miles of smiles to all in attendance. The best outdoor games are loads of fun, durable, and easy to set up. While there are always the classic go-to events like the 3-legged race, you may prefer something a little less chaotic for your party.

Here are some of the best outdoor games for your next backyard or outdoor party.


Outdoor Pool

Hosting an outdoor party becomes an unforgettable experience when you have a pool at your disposal. There’s no denying that a pool adds a whole new level of entertainment and fun to any gathering. With the addition of a chosen theme and carefully selected decorations, pool parties can transform into a wonderful pastime that everyone will cherish. One of the best ways to make a theme truly compelling is through the use of pool floaties with custom designs. These colorful and playful inflatables create a captivating space that complements your chosen theme perfectly. Custom Inflatables’ personalized pool floats give you the chance to create your desired pool float with ease by choosing the preferred design, and color and even have special messages or names printed on them, adding a personal touch that will surely make your pool party a memorable and cherished event for all attendees.

Cornhole Game Set

There are no outdoor games more beloved than perhaps the cornhole game set. It’s a classic favorite for people of all ages and one of the most ideal outdoor games for any outdoor party. Teams can compete against each other, or a single person can play alone, offering fun and entertainment for all.

Setting up is a breeze, and playing is simple enough for even the youngest partygoers in attendance. Cornhole boards come in different sizes to accommodate almost any space, making it the perfect outdoor game for parties.

Bocce Ball Set

Bocce ball is one of those outdoor games with deep roots in history, dating back thousands of years. It is a classic yard game that encourages leisurely competition but can also be played on the beach or any other flat surface area. This game is light-hearted and fun yet competitive, inspiring new levels of enjoyable recreation among guests.

Bocce ball is another one of those festive entertainment options that’s ideal for people of all ages. Youngsters can enjoy some friendly competition or join in the fun with more experienced folks getting their aim on. Bocce ball is one of those delightful outdoor games that people love to play, whether they win or lose.

Horseshoes Game Set

A horseshoe game set is a must for any outdoor party because it is one of the best outdoor games of all time. Said to have originated in Ancient Rome, horseshoes are a favorite around the world. While probably best known for single play, horseshoes is another one of those outdoor games that can also be played with teams.

Rules can be added or removed to suit the age of the players who exercise their strategic planning skills as they wait their turn. Horseshoes are great for socializing and relieving stress. Plus, you’ll soak up some good ole vitamin D as you wait your turn.

A Portable Scorekeeper

Whether you choose to have one game or all three outdoor games for guests, you’ll need a portable scorekeeper to keep things on track. No more searching for writing utensils or looking for things to weigh down the paper where you’re writing the score. A portable scorekeeper is simple and effective, and totally transparent. “What’s the core?” asked nobody at your outdoor party!

Stock up on essentials for your outdoor party today.

Gorgeous sunsets, delicious barbecues, and warm summer weather usher in the best outdoor parties imaginable. With outdoor parties also come outdoor games and likely some of the best fun you’ll have all season. Stock up on essentials ahead of time to ensure you have everything you need for guests and your party goes off without a hitch.

Whether you are setting up a cornhole game, playing bocce ball, or keeping score for friends playing horseshoes, you’ll stay busy and have a blast with the people you love. Outdoor games are the life of any warm-weather party outdoors, and yours is no exception. Don’t forget the portable scorekeeper to keep things simple.