Did you know the legal cannabis market is expected to be worth USD 91.5 billion by 2028? With such vast revenues at stake, it’s little surprise many entrepreneurs are hoping to launch a successful business in this rapidly growing industry.

But, what are the best cannabis business ideas that could help you make a fortune in 2022? In a booming market, you need to make sure you choose the right opportunity to maximize your potential earnings.

While the cannabis industry is still developing, there are already some fantastic business ideas that are taking the sector by storm. And don’t forget to take advantage of the latest technological development, such as clean dry sift with static tech to take your product to the next level.

Let’s dive in and learn more about the top ways to make money from cannabis in the coming year.

1. Cannabis Restaurant

Opening a cannabis restaurant can be a lot of fun and incredibly profitable. You could serve great food, alcohol, and provide high-quality cannabis products to customers. The key is to be consistent, and you can check the RollPros Blackbird price before buying a rolling system to ensure you provide your clients with the best possible product. 

This can help build a reputation as a cannabis restaurant that everyone should visit.

2. Cannabis Dispensary Design

When starting a hemp business, owners need to portray a professional appearance while also making their store an inviting space. But, designing a dispensary is not as easy as it seems, and many companies need assistance to ensure they create the right kind of atmosphere in their store. 

If you have an eye for interior design or know how to create a welcoming space, cannabis dispensary design could be a great career choice.

3. Cannabis Delivery Service

People now expect businesses to deliver just about every product directly to their homes, and this is an excellent opportunity for cannabis entrepreneurs.

If you can guarantee fast and safe delivery, many consumers would be willing to pay to receive a cannabis home delivery service. While you could deliver your own product range, you could also take a fee for delivering cannabis on behalf of local dispensaries. 

4. Cannabis Skincare Range

Cannabis-infused moisturizers are already big business, but there is still room in the market for new brands. You could start a skincare range, and market it to people who want to include cannabis as part of their daily beauty routines.

With so many people now discovering the potential benefits of cannabis, this could be a lucrative opportunity for a brand that can establish itself and gain a loyal customer base.

5. Cannabis Podcast

Podcasts are incredibly popular, and you could record shows about cannabis. For example, perhaps listeners would like to know more about their favorite brands, and you could interview the company owners on your podcast. Or, you could follow market trends and provide updates to your listeners so they always know what is going on in the cannabis world.

As you don’t need specialist equipment to create a podcast, there is also a low barrier to entry. 

6. Cannabis Cookery Classes

A fun marijuana business could be offering cookery classes where you teach people how to infuse cannabis into tasty recipes, or the best methods for curing rosin. While you could run in-person classes, you can also create online cookery shows. Consumers could pay a subscription for new classes, providing you with a monthly revenue stream. 

7. Cannabis Product Review Site

The number of cannabis products is only likely to grow, and consumers may need help deciding which ones they should buy. If you are knowledgeable about cannabis, you can start a review site and provide people with valuable information as to the strengths and weaknesses of various products. 

When you build an audience, you could sell advertising space on your site, use affiliate links, and put in-depth reviews behind a paywall. Even though you’ll only write each review once, they could generate a recurring income for many years.

8. Cannabis Art Production

This may not be an idea that springs to mind when considering a cannabis business, but creating cannabis art could be extremely profitable. For example, dispensaries will need artwork for their walls, and consumers may want to hang pieces in their homes. You could even create cannabis NFTs and sell them to investors. 

9. Cannabis Event Planning

Whether someone owns a small business or a large cannabis company, they’ll be looking for ways to connect with their target audience. While creating internet content is effective, it can be more beneficial to meet customers face-to-face. But, throwing events takes a lot of organizational skill, and businesses will be willing to pay for someone to take care of the details on their behalf. 

If you enjoy socializing and have an eye for detail, cannabis event planning could be for you. 

10. Cannabis Consultant

The cannabis industry is still relatively new, and businesses are being created every day. However, not all business owners will know how to establish their company and grow their customer base. This means there are fantastic opportunities for people who have the experience and expertise to guide businesses in the right direction. 

Consultants can also command high fees, and you could make a large amount of money if you are able to deliver results.

Choose Your Favorite Cannabis Business Ideas

There is no shortage of cannabis business ideas for ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to establish themselves in a thriving industry. Whether you wish to create cannabis art, open a restaurant, or launch a podcast, there are opportunities to start a successful company in the cannabis marketplace. 

You could soon be running a prosperous cannabis-related business that generates a significant income!

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