In general, solar panel maintenance in California isn’t usually too expensive. In fact, this is one of the many reasons to consider installing solar panels, if you haven’t already. However, even though upkeep isn’t particularly costly, there are still some expenses. If you’re a budget-conscious homeowner who wants to keep these costs in check, follow the tips below. They can help you keep your solar panels in great condition and save you money along the way.


Have Maintenance Done Regularly

It’s smart to hire one of the best California solar companies to send someone out to perform maintenance on your unit fairly regularly. You may think that more frequent appointments will cost you more, but the opposite is generally true.

Depending on the maintenance service that you use, you may be charged more if your solar panels are exceptionally dirty, since more labor and time are required to clean and maintain them. Basically, if you wait too long to have your solar panels cleaned, your next appointment might be noticeably more expensive.

Additionally, if you don’t keep your solar panels well-maintained, they’re likely not to perform as well. This can cost you money in lost energy savings. You could lose your warranty coverage if you don’t keep up with maintenance, and your panels might be more prone to damage or could have shortened lifespans. Essentially, having regular maintenance done can save you money in a number of ways.

Get Multiple Estimates

There are a number of solar companies out there that assist with everything from installation to maintenance of your solar panels. Some companies may still perform maintenance, even if they aren’t the ones who installed your system. You will find it’s worth it to get multiple estimates for solar panel maintenance. Of course, in addition to comparing rates, you should make sure you’re hiring a well-qualified solar panel maintenance service with a good reputation. Then, you can help ensure the job will be done properly, all while still paying reasonable rates.

Keep Your Trees Trimmed

Tree limbs can scratch or break your solar panels, particularly during inclement weather. However, even if your tree limbs don’t actually damage your solar panels, they can contribute to maintenance costs. Basically, if tree limbs and leaves fall on your solar panels, they will have to be cleaned more frequently.

A simple solution is to make sure you keep any nearby trees properly trimmed. This will help prevent expensive damage to your solar panels, and it will cut down on the frequency of maintenance appointments. You may need to hire a professional to assist with safely and effectively trimming your trees, but you will likely find it’s worth it because of the potential solar panel issues that you might otherwise face.

Make Use of Your Warranty

Generally, the warranty on your solar system doesn’t cover maintenance. Instead, it’s designed to cover manufacturer defects or installation errors. However, during your maintenance appointment, your technician might find issues with your system.

If this is the case, you shouldn’t assume you will have to pay for these issues yourself. Depending on the cause of the problem, there’s a chance your warranty will cover any necessary repairs or replacements.

Although solar panels aren’t really known for being terribly expensive to maintain, it makes sense to look for ways to keep your costs down even more. If you follow these tips, taking proper care of your solar panels and accompanying system should be as affordable as possible.