We all have moments where we wish we were never born. And while hate might be a strong word, that rule doesn’t apply when it comes to our own lives.

Hating yourself comes down to a couple of things. First, and probably the most important one to note, is when we compare ourselves to other people. Everyone can be self-critical, but self-criticism goes to another level whenever we compare ourselves to someone “better” than us.

Unfortunately, everyone does that or has done it at some point. Whether at school, work, at a party, or even on social media, everyone is self-critical of themselves. What fuels these feelings more is the fact that we’re stuck at home.

So, the question here is how to stop it? How to stop hating yourself? Well, we’re here to give you our 5 tips for a better tomorrow.


Uncover the Problem

It’s’ safe to say that every issue and every problem has a cause or root. And the case is the same whenever we fell self-hatred and whenever we’re self-critical.

The easiest way to know why you feel that way is to simply think about the problem. You need to think why you’re feeling that way, what is the reason that makes you want to hate your life?

There are a couple of ways to go about it, let’s see what those are:

  • You make a lot of all-or-nothing statements 

An all or nothing statement is an ultimatum we give ourselves about an issue, problem, or a possible obstacle. For example, if I fail this exam then I’ll be a college drop off.

Giving yourself such a hard ultimatum for failing an exam is a potential catastrophe on your mental health. The best way to solve it is to stop giving yourself all-or-nothing ultimatums.

  • You are only focusing on the negatives

Everyone has done this to a varying degree. Everyone remember the negatives and rarely acknowledges the positives. Simply said, it doesn’t matter what good you did because the moment you do something bad it all goes south.

The easiest way to stop this is to stop focusing on the negatives and think about each situation differently.

  • You have a low-esteem

If you feel this way, then you need to stop as it will only put you on a downward spiral. Believing you aren’t good enough will only create a bubble around you with no way out.

Challenge the Problem

By using some of the before-mentioned tips, you can easily determine the cause for all that hatred. Once we have determined the problem, you need to challenge it and beat it.

But how would you do it?

Well, it’s really not that hard. There are a couple of things you can do, but only one that we recommend you actually do. The easiest way to challenge the problem is to sit back and have an internal conversation with yourself.

This might sound crazy to some of you, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this method actually helps.

Let’s examine a case scenario as to how you would utilize everything we’ve just mentioned.

Let’s say that you hate yourself. The first thing you should do is ask yourself why. Why do I hate myself? It is because I look ugly? Is it because I’m not good enough to hold a job? Or is it because I keep messing up in work meetings?

There could be any number of reasons why you might be feeling this way.

After you’ve acknowledged why, say that it isn’t true. Afterward, think about why it isn’t true. When doing this, you’re will now have to think good things about yourself. You will have to think about why you’re not messing up that work meeting. Maybe you’re a good worker but it’s the rest of the team that is falling behind?

What you’re doing now is standing up for yourself; something that you’re in desperate need of.

Practice Positivity

Self-hated always comes whenever you have nothing positive to say about yourself. And that’s exactly why it’s a low blow.

Everyone has periods where they don’t love themselves. But the easiest way to escape the self-hatred is to practice positivity. Doing it is very easy. Whenever you have a good period, simply write the things that you love about yourself.

Then, when the bad period comes, simply read them out to bring some much-needed clarity to the conversation.

Reframe the Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are very hard to escape. They’re essentially the fuel for your self-hatred and why you hate your life in general. Negative thoughts can easily be solved by reframing. Freframing is a therapy technique that addresses the negativity in your life by thinking about the opposite.

This technique is meant to train your brain to think positively and to escape the never-ending loophole of negative thoughts.

Here is a good example of what reframing is.

Instead of saying: “I am so bad at work meetings”, try and say “I didn’t do my best at the work meeting today”.

The next time negative thoughts come, simply try and reframe them into a more positive light.

Always Be Around Positive People

This one is so important you won’t even imagine. As we said, there is always something that is the cause of all that negativity that leads to self-hatred. And in most cases, it’s actually other people.

Negativity from other people can cause various emotions, with most of them being negative. If you spend time around these people, their actions and behavior can cause severe social situations where a negative outcome is always possible.

Not only that, but these people can provoke an unwanted emotion that would later manifest in regret and self-hatred. NEVER underestimate how much their negativity can impact your ability to love life.

If you truly want to end the negativity, self-hatred, and impose feelings so self-love, then you need to spend more time around people that are good for you, that want to spend time with you, and that will affect you in a positive light.

Finishing Thoughts

There are many ways to escape the unpleasant situation that is called self-hatred. While we have provided you some tips on how to do it, ultimately you’ll need to focus on your self. The best way to beat the hatred you’re feeling is to inject some good ol’ positivity in your life.