If you want a new picnic table, you should choose a location where your employees can gather without being in the way. The best place is close to your office doors in an open yet private setting. Otherwise, it is unlikely that your new table will get much use. In addition, it should be placed close to the food, within easy sight of your staff.

Metal picnic tables leave space for a wheelchair

EasyCare economy picnic table has an additional space for a wheelchair to sit and a wide surface to allow wheelchair access. These tables have a seating area that is 30 inches wide and 48 inches long, leaving room for a wheelchair to enter and exit. The tabletop must be firm enough to accommodate a wheelchair’s backrest and toes.

The length of the table must also be considered when determining whether it will leave room for a wheelchair. Tables under nine feet long need a minimum clearance of 27 inches from the table’s center to the floor edge. Tables that are between ten and 18 feet long will need more authorization.

A wheelchair-accessible picnic table is an essential aspect of ADA compliance. The table must be accessible to all members of the public. It must also be equipped with a path to reach it. This cannot be easy if tables are placed in a residential or commercial setting.

Rectangular picnic tables are available with three full-length bench seats and ADA-compliant wheelchair accessibility on one side. A similar design is available in a rectangular table, Model T702. Both styles feature a square end frame and inlaid top planks.

Metal picnic tables are popular choices

Metal picnic tables are often finished with a powder coating that adds durability and stylish touch. The powder coating not only provides protection but is also easy to clean. The process uses electrostatic application technology to increase the density of the metal, strengthening it and preventing blemishes.

Unlike wooden picnic tables, metal tables can last for years. They’re durable, won’t warp or splinter, and are protected from insects and mold. They’re also easy to clean and require little maintenance. Metal tables also come in various attractive colors, including Aero Yellow, Bay Fog, Post Office Blue, Brown Derby, and Rapid Tan.

Another advantage of metal picnic tables is their low maintenance costs. They don’t retain liquid and stay calm, even in the summertime. While durable, they can be warm in the sun, so if you want to protect your tables from heat, consider purchasing a shade structure. Metal tables can also be secured with in-ground or surface mounts, making them ideal for various locations.

Recycled plastic picnic tables are durable

Recycled plastic picnic tables have many advantages over traditional wooden tables. They are durable, graffiti-resistant, and require little maintenance. Plus, they can be purchased in a wide variety of colors. In addition, they require no installation and are sold at a low cost compared to traditional wooden tables. Plus, recycling plastic picnic tables is good for the environment.

Recycling plastic picnic tables are also easy to maintain and offers a more eco-friendly option. They do not require painting or varnishing and can be easily cleaned. They are UV and frost-resistant, and their expected lifespan is fifty years. Even better, they can be included in LEED furniture projects, demonstrating that the facility is “green.”

Another advantage of recycled plastic picnic tables is that they don’t rot, splinter, or need to be painted. These tables are also resistant to graffiti and do not need to be stained or refinished. Because they do not have an organic surface, recycling plastic picnic tables are also easier to maintain.