Purchasing a new home is an exciting time with many new responsibilities. One of those is surveying your new yard to determine the boundary lines. This sometimes needs to be done before a bank approves a mortgage or issues title insurance on the property. Therefore, learning how to get your property surveyed and why it is important is a good idea.

How To Get a Survey

The laws related to surveying can vary from state to state, but if a property has been surveyed in the last ten years, it could still be valid, making it easier for you as a new homeowner.

If you do not have a past survey, you will need to look into a land development specialist to come and survey your new property. Again, ensuring the surveyor is licensed, insured, and can do the job on your property is essential. 

When contacting a surveyor, you will also want to give them as much information as possible about your new property and precisely what you need to be surveyed. Once that is done, and the survey is scheduled, the job will usually take a few weeks to complete.

Why It Is Important

Getting your new property surveyed is important because it assures the title company and lender that the home you purchase is accurate in its description. It also benefits you as the homeowner to get it done before starting any renovations or construction and ensures you are working on your property.

Doing so will also help you avoid potential conflicts with your surrounding neighbors. For example, with a complete property survey, you will not upset any neighbors if they feel you are working on their yard when you are working on your own property.

Conducting a property survey is a critical step in purchasing a home. Getting one done is beneficial for you, the lenders, and your neighbors.