Recent studies found that over 60% of Americans buy sex toys to use by themselves and with their partners. So, if you think that owning a naughty little battery-powered device is only for the kinkiest kinds of people, you’re plain wrong.

And if you think that sex toys are only made for single people and queer couples, you are also dead wrong! There are tons of fun sex toys for couples to use either for a solo session or for sharing the love.

But if you’re still saying to yourself “I’ve only used sex toys for me” or “I’ve never used sex toys before” then don’t worry! This guide will enlighten you on all the types of sex toys for couples so you can choose the best for you and your partner, no matter your sexuality or gender.

Clitoral and Bullet Vibrators

If you or your partner have a clitoris, you have thousands of options available to you. Because they are non-penetrative, a clitoral stimulator makes a great first sex toy for females in couples.

Here are some of the different types of clitoral vibrators available:

  • Vibrating love eggs
  • Massage wand
  • Vibrating bullet
  • Rabbit dildo
  • Finger vibrators
  • Suction vibrators

To find the best vibrator, think about how you want to use it. If your partner is going to be using it on you, choose one that they can hold. Finger vibrators are exactly as they sound: vibrators that attach to your forefinger.

You can attach it and go in under a minute so you don’t have to worry about losing the mood. Plus, your partner will feel involved if any bursts of pleasure result from the sex toy.

Bullet vibrators are perfect for couples of all genders to use how (and where) you please. If you are both jet setters and love traveling with sex toys, opt for an ultra-quiet lipstick bullet vibrator that won’t alarm security agents.

Suction vibrators can offer an intense sensation, so they are super fun sex toys for couples with more experience. If you enjoy penetrative sex positions that don’t stimulate the clitoris, you can use this toy to compensate and double the pleasure.

Penis and Prostate Vibrators

Think that those with a penis don’t have as many sex toy options? Think again! There are tons of toys you can use to enhance both penetrative and non-penetrative sex. 

Increase your oral pleasure with a male masturbator that works in place of a hand. It frees up your partner to concentrate on pleasuring the tip of your penis while the toy takes care of everything else.

Or, you can opt for a prostate vibrator that can also double up as a vaginal vibrator (make sure you wash if you’re switching!). They look like pelvic floor trainers, but that’s perfect because they look discreet.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are one of the most accessible sex toys for couples where at least one person has a penis. They are non-penetrative toys that do not resemble a penis, so no one will get a bruised ego with this toy.

It’s a ring-shaped device that sits at the base of the penis and vibrates. It gives the wearer a sensation while stimulating the clitoris of your partner if they have one.

This makes them ideal for same-sex male couples, too.

Gay male couples can even kick their sex life up a notch with double-headed cock rings so no one has to miss out on the vibes.

Butt Plugs and Anal Beads

There’s a common saying, “opinions are like assholes, everyone has one!” Well, everyone does have one, so butt plugs are a universal sex toy. Not everyone is into anal sex and foreplay but, if it intrigues you, butt plugs are great for beginners.

They are small devices that sit at the end of your colon which can be pleasurable for some people. Butt plugs (and any anal sex toy) should have a base that stays on the outside of the body. This ensures the toy does not get “lost” inside your body so you can practice a different kind of safe sex.

If you want to build up your confidence with anal play, try anal beads. You can start with the smallest bead and work your way up.

You can use them during mutual masturbation, non-penetrative, or penetrative sex. There are butt plugs that vibrate and ones that don’t. One or both of you can use them at the same time; there are endless options!

Dildos and Strap-Ons

Ready to get kinky? Leave the anal beads and bullets in the drawer and grab a dildo or strap-on toy instead.

Dildos are toys shaped like penises to provide extra penetration. You can use a dildo (you can get vibrating ones too) to penetrate your partner either with your hands or hands-free. Same-sex female couples often use strap-ons to pleasure their partner, but heterosexual couples love them too. 

Be sure to not penetrate your partner with a dildo or strap on too deep, hard, or fast straight away. Ease into it, learn what they are comfortable with, and then you can increase the intensity.

Bondage and S&M Gear

Bondage gear may or may not be sex toys in the strictest sense, but they are fun accessories that can enhance your sexual experience.

If either you or your partner has a kidnapping or restraint fantasy, you can buy harnesses and handcuffs to attach to your bed. Masks, whips, gags, and costumes can all offer exciting sexual experiences, too. 

Try These Fun Sex Toys for Couples and Share the Pleasure

Now you know that there are tons of fun sex toys for couples, there is no reason for you to feel uncomfortable or intimidated about using them. Whether you want penetrative toys or devices to enhance your experience, you will both find toys that will excite you. 

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