Here’s a call out to all Mums, if you aren’t doing yoga yet, you should be!

That’s right, millions of people enjoy yoga each and every day, and if you’re not doing it then you are missing out on the stress-busting phenomenon that is.

Yoga has long been utilised to improve people’s lives on both a physical and mental wellbeing front and many medical professionals now recommend it for a number of different health problems, from severe depression, to chronic illness and you’ll even find it as part of a daily routine in drug rehab.

So why exactly is yoga such a valued exercise?


It’s a massive stress buster

First and foremost, yoga is so good for relieving stress and there are many positions that are specific to doing so.

The likes of the basic spine flex and child’s pose are really simple to do and have naturally proven to lower stress levels. After a long day at work, or looking after the children, spending an hour doing some positioning can be just what you need.

You’ll become stronger and more flexible

Of course, it’s exercise, so you’re going to feel the benefit of it physically. Different yoga positions can strengthen different areas of the body but you’ll certainly feel the benefit in your core, as well as increase levels of flexibility throughout your body.

This can then aid other forms of exercise you may partake in, such as running, swimming or cycling.

You’ll think more clearly

Due to its calming nature, yoga helps clear the mind and while it will reduce stress as we’ve mentioned, it will also help make you think more clearly.

It’ll take away those anxieties and doubts you may have and allow you to tackle any problems with a focus of thought that in turn will make for much better decision making.

This can be hugely beneficial when it comes to disciplining your children, as an example, as you’re much less likely to overreact.

You can lose weight

A result of yoga is not also strengthening but also the weight loss that comes with it. By practising daily, you will burn calories and lose weight in areas such as bums and tums, although this will often require much more intense workouts rather than anything slow and stress relieving.

However, you can mix up your styles throughout sessions and get the best of both worlds.