If you have a tree in your yard that’s getting too big, it may be time to consider getting it removed. But there are some things you should know before hiring a tree removal service. Safe tree removal requires special equipment and techniques. 



The best tree services will provide a top-notch service that is well worth the money you pay them. A top-notch company is also more likely to be in business for the long haul if you are patient enough to wait for them to deliver. If you aren’t the type to be patient, you will want to consider a few factors, such as the quality of the staff, their level of training and customer service, before deciding who is the right person for the job. Lastly, you may want to consider whether the company is locally owned or is a national entity. This will ensure that your home is in good hands. 


Working in the tree care industry comes with many risks, and any damage or injuries on your property can put you in serious legal and financial trouble. That’s why hiring a company with a comprehensive insurance policy is crucial to protect you from any potential damages. General liability insurance is one of a business’s most important policies.

It offers protection against lawsuits arising from accidents or damages on your property or while performing work on behalf of your clients. Workers’ compensation coverage is also vital for tree removal companies that have employees. It covers any medical bills, lost wages, and court fees that may be incurred in the event of an injury to an employee. The best way to determine if your tree service company has sufficient insurance is to talk to them and ask about their policy. You should seek a new contractor with the right insurance if they don’t.


Tree specialists know that having the right equipment makes the job easier. Whether they need to fall a tree or trim it, the right tools can help them get the job done faster and more safely. Chainsaws are one of the main cutting tools tree professionals use. They’re essential to quickly and safely cut down a tree, huge ones that can be difficult to handle with an ax.

Another must-have tool is a wood chipper. This machine breaks down branches and logs into mulch that can be used for ground covering. A professional tree service will also need bucket trucks to do the job safely – they may even decide to look at bucket truck rental options and grapple trucks if they aren’t going to need them all the time, but for certain jobs. These machines allow them to reach up and around tall trees and trim off limbs, and remove whole trees.


Tree services in Gresham, Oregon, or anywhere you desire, provide several safety measures to ensure that their employees and clients are protected from hazards. These include working safely at heights, ensuring that workers are equipped with the appropriate equipment and protection, and assessing the tree for hazards before starting work. Fall and struck-by injuries are among the most common accidents for tree service workers. These incidents result in fatalities and serious injuries. According to OSHA, falling limbs are one of the top risks for tree care professionals. To avoid this hazard, tree removers should wear hard hats, helmets and face shields to prevent falling debris from hitting their heads.

They should also wear boots to reduce the risk of slipping on the ground and getting hurt. This will ensure they do not suffer from cuts, puncture wounds or any other kind of injury.