Did you know that 32 percent of citizens of the United States of America own a gun or firearm? Gun ownership is a right in the United States but there are certain responsibilities that come with owning a firearm, like gun safety. This means knowing how to handle a gun and how to operate it in a safe way so that you don’t put others in harm’s way.

Proper gun safety will keep you and those around you safe while allowing you to enjoy the full spectrum of gun ownership and hunting. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about weapon safety then you’re in luck. You’ve come to the perfect place for some gun safety tips that will ensure that you have the best gun ownership experience possible.

Keep reading this article for a bunch of great tips on proper gun safety today.

Treat Every Firearm Like It Is Loaded

Any time that you’re handling a firearm it is important to practice the best gun safety. A good starting point for learning gun safety is to always treat any and every firearm you encounter like it is loaded and primed to go off. Guns are useful tools for things like hunting and animal population management, but they’re also dangerous and need to get handled with respect at all times.

Even if you are 99 percent sure that a firearm is unloaded you should still handle it like it is loaded until you get a chance to double-check it. This prevents lapses in gun safety that could prove fatal. You won’t have to worry about the trauma and pain that come switch accidentally shooting someone or yourself because you thought that the firearm was unloaded.

If you handle every firearm as if it were loaded then you’ll never find yourself in a situation where you’re practicing poor gun safety.

Never Point a Gun at Something You’re Not Willing to Shoot

Another good rule of thumb that you should follow when it comes to practicing gun safety and handling guns is remembering to never point a firearm at anything that you’re not willing to shoot and potentially kill. Unintentional shootings happen as a result of someone failing to practice proper gun safety and pointing a firearm at someone.

The best way to prevent unintentional shootings with firearms is by handling guns like they’re loaded and avoiding pointing them at things that you don’t want to break or damage. You don’t want to break your leg, so don’t point a gun, loaded or otherwise, at your leg. This is especially true if you have Aero Precision AR-15 parts.

Always Know What Is Behind Your Target

Whether you’re out hunting or you’re at the shooting range, it is always important to know what is behind your target. The last thing that you want is to put someone in danger. A common way that people get injured around firearms is when someone that is handling guns doesn’t check what is behind the target before aiming and pulling the trigger.

This is why shooting ranges have a proper backstop that will stop a speeding bullet. This is a safety measure that keeps people at the range safe. A speeding bullet will often go through the target and continue on so a proper backstop is important if you’re practicing your shooting or participating in a competition.

The same goes for if you’re planning to go hunting. You might see the perfect buck walk out into a field but that doesn’t mean you can immediately shoot it. Take time to look at your surroundings. Check what is behind the buck to make sure that your rifle fire won’t put anyone or anything in harm’s way.

This is especially important with hunting since there is no backstop for when you fire your rifle. Make sure that there are never any homes or people behind your target. Think twice before firing at a deer that is on top of a hill since you don’t know what is on the other side of that hill.

Don’t Mess With the Trigger Unless Ready to Fire

There is no reason that you should ever mess with the trigger when you’re learning how to handle a gun except for when you’re 100 percent ready to shoot. In fact, you should make sure to keep the safety on at all times to provide the best measure of security when handling guns. Keep the safety on and your finger away from the trigger until you are ready to fire at your target.

This is true even if your firearm isn’t loaded. It is better to be safe than sorry so the best approach is to keep your finger off of and away from the trigger with the safety on at all times. Keep your trigger finger straight and on the outside of the trigger guard to ensure that you don’t accidentally engage the trigger mechanism.

Unload the Firearm Before Handing to Someone Else

There are very few good ways to pass someone a firearm but one surefire way to keep that person safe when handing a firearm over is to unload it first and engage the safety mechanism. Always make sure that the safety is on first, and then go about the task of removing any and all ammunition from the firearm.

Loading the firearm isn’t a difficult task so it isn’t a massive inconvenience for the person that you’re handing the firearm off to. It is the best way to ensure safety when handling a gun and passing it to multiple people that will use it. No matter if you’re the person receiving it or handing it off you should always assume that it is loaded.

Never Drink and Shoot

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to hunting and target shooting is that alcohol and using firearms don’t mix. If you’re planning on going hunting or target shooting then you need to make sure that you avoid consuming any alcohol prior to going. You should also avoid drinking while handling guns to practice good gun safety.

Firearms should never be around people that are drinking or are under the influence. If you notice that the people around you are drinking and using a firearm then you need to remove yourself from that situation. If it is your firearm then you need to unload the firearm and secure it to prevent a dangerous and tragic situation.

To top it off, it is a crime to consume alcohol while handling guns. If you’re caught drinking or under the influence while carrying or handling a firearm then you’ll be looking at having a serious crime on your record that will change your life for the worse.

Keep Your Ammo and Firearms in Separate Places

A good strategy for storing your firearms and practicing good gun safety is to keep your ammunition and your firearms in two separate and secure places. If you’ve been hunting or you went to the range then you need to make sure that your firearms are unloaded before leaving to head home.

Once you’ve left where you were you need to check again to make sure that your firearm gets unloaded before placing it in a secure location within your vehicle. It is important that you keep your firearm in a safe place at all times. This is true no matter if you’re in your vehicle or in your home.

A good idea is to invest in a gun safe or a gun vault. This provides you with a versatile and secure part of your home where you can store your rifles, shotguns, and handguns. These vaults work with a key and most have separate compartments where you can store your ammo as well as your firearms.

A huge part of handling guns and practicing proper gun safety is making sure that you keep your firearms in a secure place in your home. A lot of accidents that happen with firearms involve children getting ahold of loaded firearms and accidentally shooting someone or themselves.

One of the best gun safety tips you can practice is to always make sure that your firearm gets unloaded and that it gets stored in a safe and secure location within your home. This is a sure way to prevent avoidable accidents from happening while keeping those that you love safe and healthy.

Start Practicing the Best Gun Safety

There are many valuable things that you can learn from practicing gun safety. Proper gun safety means that you treat every firearm like it is loaded and ready to go off. It also means keeping your finger away from the trigger until you’re ready to fire. You should also make sure to keep your firearms in a secure location that is separate from the ammunition in order to keep those that you love safe.

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