Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran gun owner, you can benefit from investing in gun accessories.

But even seasoned gun owners are often confused about the best gun accessories to invest in. You may want to choose gun accessories that will last you longer, enhance your shooting experience, and also ensure your safety.

So which are the best gun parts to choose? How do you ensure you secure the best accessories?

We’ve put together this guide to help you decide which accessories to choose when buying a gun.

Here’s what you should consider.



If you’re into hunting or target shooting, you want to invest in an angled foregrip for your rifle.

This helps you maintain your grip stronger on your rifle. It ensures that you can engage in continuous shooting without issue. It’s also great for new shooters who struggle with managing the recoil when shooting rifles.

Accessories for Gun Cleaning

This can’t be overlooked enough and too many gun owners only clean their guns when visiting their gunsmith. Worse, many gun owners neglect cleaning, and this leads to serious issues.

Your first step should be to buy a gun cleaning cloth. This is a cloth made of firm fabric and can help clean the outside of your gun and the inside. It should absorb cleaning liquid and shouldn’t tear easily.

You also have to buy a gun cleaning liquid. Referred to as ‘gun oil’ this is an oil that you use to remove the grease and debris from your gun.

It’s imperative that you always replenish your supply as often as possible. Never use water or any other cleaning oil for your gun.

As a side note, you want to go to your local gunsmith to learn how to clean your gun. They can also advise you on the best cleaning cloth and gun oil for your particular arsenal.

You should also consider a tool for cleaning the barrel of your gun. These will resemble pipe cleaners and are great for scrubbing off debris and grease from the inside.

These are rather difficult to use and require lots of patience. Make sure you ask your local gunsmith to show you how to clean your barrel using these tools.

Gun Case

You should always buy a gun case whether it’s for your rifles or handguns. These are great for transporting your guns and are also ideal for keeping them safe.

You should always buy a metallic case that can’t get easily broken. Make sure you buy one that you can lock. There are gun cases that can get unlocked with a key or a combination code. You can also use one with a biometric scan.

These gun cases prevent others from breaking into your gun case to steal your gun. A good gun case should last you at least close to one decade.

Gun Bag

While a gun case is ideal for storing your gun at home, a gun bag is great for carrying your gun on the go.

You want to buy a gun bag for taking your gun to the gun range or while hunting. You should always buy a new gun bag and never use a secondhand one.

You want one that’s lightweight so you can carry it with you without much stress. Make sure it’s durable and won’t get torn easily. You also want to ensure that it can handle the heat, as your gun will heat up after constant shooting.

Your gun bag should also have space for your protective gear and your cleaning material. It should carry everything you need for your shooting experience.

Protective Accessories

No matter how experienced you are, you should always invest in protective accessories for your personal protection.

For shooting at a gun range, consider buying a pair of protective eyewear. This ensures that your eyes get protected from debris as well as potential self-inflicted wounds that come from gun recoil.

Your protective eyewear has to be tight and should fit your skin. Make sure they have a firm plastic or metallic frame.

Next, make sure you have ear protection. You should always buy specific noise-canceling headphones made for gun ranges. You can’t use any ordinary pair of headphones or protective ear gear.

The best option is to go to your local gun range first and test out the headphones they have at bay. This can help you decide which are the best options that you’re comfortable with.

You should also get a basic medical kit and keep it with you at all times. This medical kit should include the following:

  • Surgical tape
  • Tourniquet
  • Medical gloves
  • Bandages
  • Antiseptic ointment
  • Cotton swabs
  • Several hand towels

As a side note, make sure you also learn basic first aid when someone accidentally gets shot. You also want to learn how to treat yourself if you get shot.

Extra Magazines

You should always carry extra magazines with you, especially if you mostly deal with handguns.

This is a great way to ensure you can always keep your gun loaded. This is also ideal if you’ve had a gun for several years and your magazines are getting damaged.

If you work with revolvers, make sure you always keep at least 1 or 2 extra chambers with you at all times.


For handgun users, make sure you always keep a gun holster with you. This is a great way to keep your gun on your person and is ideal if you live in an area with concealed carry or open carry.

The basic holster is a hip holster that connects to your belt. This is good for smaller pistols such as a Colt 1911 or even for a revolver.

You can also buy holsters for your jacket. These are the ones that are most popular among detectives and plain-clothes police officers. You can also buy holsters to be kept in your pocket or even around your ankle.

Make sure you choose a holster made of leather. As with your gun bag, always choose a brand-new holster. It should also be durable and should be able to last you several years before needing to replace it. 


If you ever need to shoot at night, you can attach a light to your gun. This works for both handguns and rifles. 

This works as a flashlight that helps you navigate as you try to find your target. It also makes your target a lot clearer and is especially great if you need to shoot from a distance.

You can also consider buying an infrared light which is perfect for pitch-black situations. It’s also ideal for hunting in the dark in a treacherous environment such as a jungle.

Rifle Scope

If you are a rifle shooter, then you must buy a rifle scope no matter what your skill level is.

This helps improve your aim and marksmanship. It helps you focus on targets that are at a distance. This makes it much easier to perfect your aim and attack your target.

You’ll have to mount your rifle scope to your rifle. Make sure you buy one that’s durable and that feels comfortable. Ensure that it has a safe distance from your eye to the butt of the scope.

It’s always best to test out different rifle scopes at your local gun range rather than buying one without practicing first.

Gun Parts

Gun parts are another great accessory to consider for any type of gun. This refers to replacement or substitute parts.

For example, you can buy a longer barrel for your handguns. Depending on your jurisdiction, you might be able to buy silencers or suppressors for your handguns as well.

You can also buy replacement chambers for your revolvers. You can choose ones that revolve at a faster rate, for example. You can also buy a replacement hammer that helps you fire at a faster rate.

If you decide to buy replacement gun parts, it’s always best to take them to a gunsmith who can install them for you.

Training Sessions

While you might not think of gun training sessions as an accessory, it’s crucial even for the most skilled shooter.

Always consider hiring a trainer to help you improve your shooting. They’ll also teach you gun safety basics and can also ensure you’re following these rules if you already know them.

Even if you’re a skilled shooter, consider going to a training session at least once per month. This helps you maintain your discipline as a shooter. It’s also great whenever you need to learn how to use a new gun or a new type of gun.

Buy Your Gun Accessories

Now you can buy your gun accessories and enhance your shooting experience. You’ll also ensure your safety and protection for your gun.

Make sure you get a great foregrip to help you improve your hold on your gun. This also helps with constant shooting and with handling recoil.

Gun cleaning accessories, gun cases, and other gun parts are crucial for keeping your gun protected and increasing its longevity.

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