Did you know there are over 10.4 million residential pools in the US? If you’re looking to build one in your home, you’re in good company. A pool will offer you an ideal place to exercise, have fun, and relax.

But deciding to invest in a pool is a big decision. You need to start by finding the right professionals for the job. Thoughts of a relaxing pool experience will soon fade if you hire the wrong installation company.

The good news is there are factors to consider to pick the right pool installation company for you. Keep reading to learn them!

Company Certifications and Insurance

You want to make sure the pool installation company has experienced staff members. Ask about their certifications, such as the certified pool builder (CBP) qualification. This certification indicates staff has had extensive pool-building training. 

Also, check whether they are licensed and have adequate liability insurance to avoid exposing yourself to liabilities during construction. 

Online Customer Reviews 

A pool installation company might look good on paper, but you want to check that their reputation is also good. 

Always check online customer reviews, even if you have a recommendation. Read reviews on independent websites and social media pages. You can also reach out to listed clients. And check customer testimonials on the company website.

Make sure the company offers the customer experience you desire.

The Pool Installation Service

What is covered in their pool installation service? A company that covers all installation stages will save you time, money, and effort.

It is also essential to know whether the company will carry out repair and maintenance work on the pool. Check warranties and guarantees cover this. Always read the fine print, too, and clarify any questions you have. 

Swimming Pool Designs

What type of swimming pool do you want? Always check the pool installation company offers the kind of pool you want. For example, pick a company with experience installing backyard pools if that’s the kind of pool you want.

Or you can search for a company that has experience with different swimming pool designs. Companies such as thatcherpools.com/ offer different types of pool installation.


There is no use opting for an elaborate swimming pool design if the materials used are not of good quality. Your pool could soon become unusable or require multiple repairs. Ask the company which materials they use, such as fiberglass, vinyl, or concrete- and why. 


Another vital factor is comparing installation costs. What is in your budget? Find a reputable company that offers a solution within your budget. 

Always ask about hidden fees and get any agreements in writing. Some companies offer pricing plans to make pools more affordable. 

Find the Best Pool Installation Company

Picking the right pool installation company will mean you also get the best pool! It is an investment that offers great returns. It can feel overwhelming to choose at first, but you will have a pool installed in no time if you use this guide!

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