Nearly half of Americans are engaged in a side hustle, highlighting our continual quest for additional income streams.

Brainstorming side hustle ideas lets you capitalize on your passion and enjoy an additional income stream. But, if you have no idea what works, you could miss out on countless opportunities. 

If you’re struggling to find simple side hustles, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven ones to check out. 

1. Sell Your Skills Online 

One of the most effective ways to make a side income is by selling your skills. You could, for example, be one of the top sports handicappers in the country and want to share your tips on a podcast. Or, you may be a whiz with photography and you can start a business shooting local events on the weekend. 

Further, sign up to sites like Fiverr where you can look for jobs. Start by advertising a base gig and add relevant skills, as it’ll help you stand out from other freelancers. The key is to be determined and work hard to build your client base over time. 

2. Drive for Uber or Lyft

If you own a car and want to make extra money, driving for a rideshare app like Uber is a no-brainer. The beauty is you can create your own schedule, whether it’s driving in the evenings or during your downtime. And it’s fantastic if you love meeting new people and sharing stories along the way. 

Another great side income opinion is becoming a food delivery driver. Check out whether the heavy hitters in your area are hiring, such as Uber Eats or Postmates. 

Or, if you don’t have a car, promote your services on TaskRabbit. You can do anything, from helping clients move homes to assembling furniture. 

3. Become a Pet Sitter 

Calling all animal lovers! 

You’re losing out if you’re not making money spending time with furry friends. A popular option is registering with Rover or Wag where you advertise to care for peoples’ dogs in the area. Not only do you choose the schedule but, if you become popular enough on the app, you can offer overnight dog boarding for extra cash. 

You can also offer to pet-sit felines and pooches. Start by splashing posters with your details over town and visit sites like to start your new side hustle. For more information, check out Holly Spring pet sitting service and perhaps you’ll need their service in the future.

4. Start a YouTube Channel 

Looking for a side income from home? Then, try starting a YouTube channel. 

First, figure out where your expertise lies, so it’s easier to find a niche. It’s wise to brainstorm several video ideas as it’ll help you get into the rhythm of having a regular upload schedule. One reason YouTube is a great idea is that you needn’t spend a fortune on a fancy camera; simply start filming with your smartphone. 

But to get monetized, you must get at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time so it’s a more long-term plan. 

5. Rent or Sell Your Belongings 

All of us have clothes or old books that are clogging up valuable space. Luckily, it’s easy to sell old outfits and items that we no longer need. An added bonus is that you’re saving the planet by encouraging people to buy pre-loved items.

You could set up an eBay account and auction your clothes or upload listings onto Facebook Marketplace. Or, be old-school and host a garage sale in your yard where neighbors can browse your clothes. And, if you’ve got kids, you could rent out your baby gear on sites like BabyQuip for additional income. 

If you’ve got space in your home, rent out a room or Airbnb. This is great if you’re planning a vacation because you can earn while you laze on a beach. But check that you can legally sub-let your room so that you don’t upset the landlord. 

In fact, you can even sell extra storage space in your home. For instance, you could rent out your garage, driveway, or attic by signing up on sites like Neighbor. 

6. Become a Private Tutor 

Great at crunching numbers? Love linguistics? Then, turn that love for learning into a side hustle. 

Depending on your location, you can tutor online or in person. Although setting rates sounds overwhelming, use your expertise as a starting point. For instance, if you’ve had experience teaching classes face-to-face, make sure you charge more. 

7. Become a Virtual Assistant 

You’d be surprised at how many businesses and individuals need virtual assistants.

Unlike traditional PAs, you’ll be hired to complete simple online tasks. This could be anything from organizing a client’s calendar to scheduling meetings. Virtual assistants must also manage social media accounts, offer exceptional customer service, and produce content. 

A similar option is providing virtual bookkeeping services, where you can earn even more. But you’ll need accounting know-how so that you can help businesses balance the books. 

If you’re after a quirky role, consider joining “Rent a Friend”, a platonic matchmaking site. As the name suggests, you’re hired to accompany people to the movies or a special occasion. Although it sounds strange, you can earn a modest $50 per hour.  

Earn Cash With These Simple Side Hustles

Hopefully, these simple side hustles have inspired you to earn extra cash. 

There are many incredible opportunities, such as selling your skills online or looking after pets. You should also try renting out additional space or selling anything that you no longer need. Good luck with your venture! 

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