It is widely questioned whether or not dreams actually mean something more. The people that dream more are certainly the ones to think of the meaning behind each one. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there that don’t believe in this theory.

It is also quite fair to say that there are a couple of dozen or so dreams that are constantly recurring among people. When a person dreams of dying, then they tend to look up the meaning of that dream.

That’s why we’ve decided to make up a list of the meaning for some of the most popular dreams people have. We also have a list of the most popular songs about dreams, so give that a look as well. So, without further ado, let’s start.

Teeth Falling Out

This is one of the most common dreams that people dream of. A dream about teeth falling out can be an indicator of one or multiple things. The most common understanding is that you are concerned about your appearance.

Having bad teeth isn’t very appealing, so people that have concerns about their looks usually tend to dream about teeth falling out. Another meaning for this dream is if you’ve said something embarrassing to another person. Teeth are part of the mouth that we use for communication. So saying something embarrassing in front of other people could be the reason why you’re dreaming this.

Tornado Dream

The initial meaning for this one doesn’t look very good. Tornado dreams are clear signs of emotional distress. But they can have another meaning. It is not so much as your emotional health but the emotional health of another person that you’re concerned about.

Tornados, in real life, are very unpredictable, dangerous, and can change their path at any moment. And there are various types and variations of this dream.

Spider Dream

Spiders are insects that not everyone wants to see nor dream about. But this type of dream is more helpful than harmful. If you dream about spiders and/or webs, then you should pay attention to it.

Namely, such dreams serve the purpose of alerting you of a trap. It is a manipulation alert that our subconsciousness is telling us about. Such dreams are clear and obvious signs of you being manipulated by someone else. Dreaming about a spider is one way of us knowing about it, while the web serves the purpose of alerting us of an ongoing trap.

Regardless of which, you should pay attention and examine the signs.

Fire Dream

This is yet another dream that has multiple meanings. Some are positive and empowering, while others are dangerous and destructive.

There isn’t a common meaning for dreaming about fire. The meaning is closely tied to the context of the dream. For example, if you dream about fire being contained, then this is a meaning about your very own internal fire. It is a meaning that you are going through a period of transformation. It is something that represents new ideas, concepts, or changes being “accepted” as own.

If the context of the dream is for the fire to surround you and another person, then the meaning behind it is to signify a bond.

If, however, the fire is slowly suffocating you, burning you, and ultimately killing you, then the meaning behind it is that you’re engaging with risky activities that could have serious consequences.

Bear Dream

Onto a more positive note, dreaming about bears is usually a sign of strength, power, and independence.

These dreams are mostly mysterious since not everyone is aware of having those traits. The bear will usually appear on a cliff looking down on you or in a forest.

Another meaning for this dream is of a mother figure. Female bears are extremely territorial and protective of their cubs. So the meaning behind it could be that you’re an excellent mother, or that you’re lacking one.

Death Dreams

Dreaming about death or dying might sound pretty self-explanatory. However, this dream is perceived differently in most cultures.

Some cultures think that death dreams are an indicator of losing someone or something. This could be a relative, a lover, a job, or losing a valuable item.

Dreaming about someone dying is also perceived differently in most cultures. In some, it is a meaning that you are missing the person (regardless of the person is alive or not). In other cultures, dreaming about someone’s death is a good sign that the opposite will happen.

Zombie Dream

A zombie dream is frightening, scary, and quite possibly one of the worst things you can dream about. And the meaning behind it is also not good. Zombie dreams are bad signs as they usually point to an emotional detachment.

Since zombies are emotionless and dead inside, the meaning could point to your deteriorating health, emotional distress, and losing control.

Dream Within a Dream

This might be one of the most mysterious and fascinating dreams to have. Pinpointing the exact meaning of dreaming withing a dream is very difficult and hard since you are dreaming.

It is like a three-layer simulation where the bottom layer is the dream, the second layer is another dream, while the top layer is reality. Uncovering the meaning is very difficult since we have to take into context the bottom layer.

If both dreams are related, most are, then the usual meaning is that you are avoiding or neglecting something.

Wolf Dream

A wolf appearing in your dream might be a frightening thing, but it’s actually the opposite.

Wolfs are animals that hunt in packs with the alpha leading. Thus, a dream about a wolf is a sign of self-confidence and pride.

But, again, the context is what’s important so we can determine the meaning.

If you are chased or attacked by a wolf in your dreams, then that’s a sign of someone or something consuming you. This could be guilt, an abusive relationship, and other personal issues you might have.

A dream about a howling wolf is a sign that someone is desperately looking for your help.

Dog Dreams

Most dreams about dogs are signs of friendships, loyalty, generosity, protection, etc. The meaning is usually positive, with only a few situations implying something negative.

A dog is man’s best friend, and they usually appear in our dreams if we’ve previously owned one. Dog dreams rarely appear to people that don’t own a pet dog.

Flying Dream

A flying dream is very common and usually a sign of feeling unhappy or having no control over your life. Flying isn’t normally associated with humans. To be able to fly you have to have wings, which is something that we humans don’t have.

And when we are flying, it’s usually in a place. When on a plane, we have no control over what’s happening. If something would happen, then we’d be left at the mercy of the people piloting.

Thus, a dream about flying is usually a sign of having no control over your real-life surroundings.

Lion Dream

Much like dreaming about a bear, a lion appearing in your dream is a sign of strength, courage, bravery, assertiveness, dominance, and power. These are all traits associated with lions, and they are one of the most dominant animals in the animal kingdom.

Thus, a lion appearing in your dream is always a positive sign in life.

Horse Dream

Yet another animal-themed dream, horse dreams are magnificent creatures that symbolize hard-work, dedication, freedom, and other things.

But context is important when examining the meaning of a horse dream. The two most important pieces of context you need when dreaming about horses is whether the horse is white or brown.

A white horse can symbolize a powerful relationship or marriage. A brown horse, on the other hand, is a sign of something changing. This type of dream means that a change is happening or will happen at some point. You might struggle with this change, hence a brown horse appearing.

Blood Dream

Blood dreams could be positive or negative depending on the context. If you see blood appearing around you, then that’s a negative sign mostly symbolizing the loss of strength and energy.

Blood appearing from within your body has a positive meaning that represents your inner vitality and strength.

Drowning Train Dream

A drowning train is not something you’d want to find yourself in. Identically, you’d also want to avoid dreaming about one as well. A drowning train dream always has a negative meaning.

It usually means that something or someone is wreaking havoc in your life. The drowning part is especially important as failing to fix this problem will leave you, figuratively speaking, drowning.


Dreams can mean a lot of things depending on what you’re dreaming about and the context surrounding it. While you shouldn’t worry too much about a dream, a recurring dream is something that should concern you.