Anyone who has ever browsed YouTube might have watched or been recommended videos from Dream. Dream is one of, if not the biggest, Minecraft YouTuber on the platform. On average, he got at least 10 million views per video. And as for now, he has more than 28 million subscribers. The numbers are just insane, it is really difficult to grasp his popularity if you have never played Minecraft before.

But, despite his popularity, not much is known about his personal life. He is mostly known as the guy in the profile picture, which is just a simple drawing of something that resembles a person smiling on and green background. Besides, his Dream personality, no one knows about who he is in real life or even his real name.

If you are also curious about Dream, I have some juicy information for you. I will share with you some facts that you should know, such as Dream irl, face reveal, his real name, boyfriend/girlfriend, and siblings.

Who is Dream irl?

Without a doubt, that Dream is very good at Minecraft, and he knows a lot how to create content from Minecraft. Just when you think he is running out of ideas, he comes out with a brand-new video with a brand-new concept. So it’s not a surprise that Dream has gotten so popular ever since he created his channel back in 2013.

Before Dream got popular, he was known as Forgecraft’s first subscriber on YouTube. Since then, he is no longer known as just a subscriber, but a content creator. His popularity just kept growing since 2013, and when he got like 600 thousand subscribers, people have realized that Dream is going to be big.

Dream is also trying to diversify his content using his secondary channel. In this channel, he has uploaded many videos of him playing video games, such as Overwatch and League of Legends. But his core audience is still Minecraft players, and I don’t think it’s going to change at all.

When was Dream irl born?

Fortunately, we know when Dream was born. He was born on August 12th, 1999, in Boston. Dream irl is now residing in Los Angeles. Believe me, it was really difficult to find this information about Dream. Despite his massive online popularity, Dream is very secretive about his personal life.

Dream did some interviews, which can be found in many places on the internet. You can read these interviews to understand Dream better. A few important takeaways are that Dream loves pop music and makeup. Yes, Dream might be some kind of makeup expert, and it is pretty shocking to many people. Besides that, Dream is also rather artistic as from what we’ve seen from his videos.

What does Dream mean?

Dream isn’t a real person; it is more like a persona of a real person. So the person behind Dream uses this persona as an extension of himself. He never explained why he chose the name dream, but his channel’s name used to be Dream Minecraft Face. He changed it to Dream because he wants to be known for more than just Minecraft playthroughs and videos. So the meaning behind the name Dream is pretty much still a mystery.

The mask that Dream wears is also rather iconic. He even released a music video about his mask. Apparently, the mask is very important to him as it hides his real face and lets him be someone else. He also said that the mask is useful for hiding his sadness while playing video games.

What is Dream irl’s real name?

Now here is the big reveal, Dream’s real name is Austin. Austin Lewis Holiday is the person behind the persona Dream irl. But no one really calls him by that name on the internet. People would just call him Dream. It took about a year since the creation of his channel before he felt comfortable sharing his name. And besides his real name, no one else is known about Austin, but he surely is a sensation.

Finishing thought

It is rather interesting how popular Dream is right now, yet not much is known about him. Dream has met some other famous YouTubers, so surely, they know what he looks like. But no one has shared his pictures without him knowing. It seems like the secret of Dream’s identity will remain hidden for a long time.