The roof is an important part of any building, but it often doesn’t get much attention. Many people assume that the roof’s main purpose is to keep the rain and sun out, but the truth is that the roof serves many different purposes. Learning about different types of roofing like IKO roofing, among others, are needed can help you appreciate the importance of a roof.

Metal Roofing Reduces The Carbon Footprint

Installing metal roofing is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment. It’s lightweight, fire-resistant, and incredibly durable, making it an ideal choice for building a sustainable house. Plus, it’s fully recyclable, making it one of the most eco-friendly materials available. There are plenty of places where you can recycle your old metal roof panels, and most of them will even pay you. The old panels will then be melted down to make new metal products.

Another great benefit of metal roofing is that it cuts down on your building’s electricity bills. When installed properly, metal roofing can reduce energy bills by up to 20%. This is especially true during peak energy hours when energy demand increases and the grid is under greater stress. This can save you money on electricity bills and other heating and cooling expenses.

Additionally, most metal roofs can last up to 40 years, double the life span of asphalt roofing. And, because metal roofs are composed of 30-60% recycled material, you can easily recycle them when the time comes. This can greatly help the planet, especially since there are 11 million tons of asphalt shingles disposed of annually.

Wood Shingles Are Lighter In Weight

Wood shingles are a great choice for roofing because they are light in weight but still provide good protection against the elements. These roofs are also great for energy savings, as they can help regulate the temperature inside a home, even during the hottest summer days. In addition, wood shingles are great insulators, absorbing sound and heat from the inside.

Architectural shingles weigh more than three-tab shingles, but they’re also stronger and have a higher curb appeal. An average bundle of architectural shingles weighs about 20 pounds more than three-tab shingles. Roofing shingles vary in quality, but the weight of a roof will depend on its type and the quality of the material used. The manufacturer’s grade will also affect the weight of the shingles.

A downside of wood shingles is that they may not be a good choice for areas with high rainfall. Since wood expands when wet and contracts when dry, this cycle can weaken wood shingles and make them warp. Additionally, wood shingles are not water-resistant, so they’re not recommended for areas with high rainfall.

Hipped Roofs Are More Wind Resistant

Hipped roofs have multiple slopes and are typically covered in high quality shingles like those from IKO Shingles, which are advantageous for wind resistance. In addition, they are more affordable to build. Some insurance companies give discounts for houses with hip roofs, up to 32 percent. However, homeowners should confirm these discounts with their insurance provider before installing a hip roof. Additionally, homeowners can get a wind mitigation report done for their homes after building it.

Hipped roofs are a great choice for hurricane-prone areas and climates with high winds. They are also aesthetically pleasing, which increases curb appeal. Hipped roofs can be more expensive than gable roofs, but they also have more seams and are more likely to leak.

Cedar Shingles Are Environmentally Friendly

Cedar shingles are among the most environmentally friendly roofing materials available today. The wood used to make cedar shingles is harvested from sustainable and managed forests and then processed at sawmills. They are also recyclable and can even be turned into garden mulch. As a result, cedar shingles have one of the smallest carbon footprints of any building material.

Cedar shingles are an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a classic, elegant look. They can complement the style and architecture of many homes and will last for many decades. In addition, they can lower your energy bill because of their natural insulating properties. Whether you want a rustic cottage or an elegant chalet, cedar shingles are an excellent choice for your home.